The Importance of a Dependable Disaster Recovery System

When disaster struck the airline industry, the result was catastrophic. In the last month, airlines were faced with hundreds of canceled flights after backup systems failed. The outages can be blamed on outdated equipment, poor maintenance programs and the desire to keep everything in-house, even though cloud services are readily available.

If these companies had a disaster recovery system in place, they could have been up and running in a matter of minutes, instead of a few days. But it’s not just the airline industry that has to deal with data disasters. According to a Gartner Report, 70% of companies have experienced up to 10 hours of downtime related to an unexpected event.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) allows businesses to meet business continuity and disaster recovery requirements in a more cost-effective and reliable way, while allowing them to recover at a much faster rate from a natural disaster or another type of emergency.

QTS’ DRaaS was brought to the market to help companies avoid these types of costly situations. Our DRaaS, powered by Zerto, makes it easier for businesses to protect themselves from disasters by saving a copy of their data at one of the QTS enterprise locations. This backup utilizes real-time replication from the production environment to the disaster recovery environment, allowing QTS to cut down Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) to minutes and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) to seconds.

The benefits of QTS’ cloud-based DRaaS will help businesses worry less in the face of a disaster and save money in the long run. The reduced complexity and minimized risk that QTS DRaaS offers our customers installs seamlessly into the businesses’ existing infrastructure.

Our DRaaS solution maximizes savings by using a cloud-based model that eliminates the need for more infrastructures. Also, QTS improves the control a business has during a disaster, allowing businesses to pick and choose what they want to back up in the event of a disaster, allowing them to reboot quickly and smoothly. And QTS leverages expertise by offering both self-managed and managed DRaaS, allowing businesses to choose whether to manage their own data environment or have QTS completely manage systems during a disaster.

Make sure your business is prepared for a disaster with QTS’ Disaster Recovery as a Service. QTS is an industry-leading provider of cloud services, with a commitment to creating flexible, customized solutions for our customers. To learn more about QTS Cloud Hosting Services, visit our website or call us toll-free at 877.QTS.DATA.