Three Steps to Stronger Healthcare Cybersecurity

When you think about the type of information contained in a person’s medical records, it’s easy to understand why these records are gold mines for hackers. With just a few clicks, a hacker can steal, then sell a person’s name, date of birth, social security number, address and account numbers.

And those clicks come with a big profit. According to Reuters, most personal health information records are worth up to $10 each on the black market. Given what hackers have to gain from one breach, like a 2016 breach at a Phoenix-based healthcare provider that led to 3.7 million compromised records, they are working around-the-clock to find and take advantage of any lapse in data security.

Nine out of 10 healthcare providers have experienced a data breach. In addition to the numerous challenges patients will face and the legal liability associated with a breach, the average cost of a breach to an organization is $2.2 million.

In our new cybersecurity whitepaper, we focus on three steps healthcare organizations can take to strengthen data security to prevent an attack and how they can minimize damage in the event of an attack. In A Practical Three-Step Plan to Make Healthcare Cybersecurity Stronger, we walk you three key data security considerations:

• Proactively Identifying Risks
• Transferring Risks and More Effectively Managing Costs
• Moving Data and Processions to a Qualified and Trusted Cloud Provider

This whitepaper provides insight into how to assess your current cybersecurity strategy, what steps are necessary to address any concerns and how to best transfer any remaining risks through a cyber insurance policy. We also discuss the unique strain on existing resources healthcare providers experience and how this strain is further increasing their vulnerability.

The fact that cyber criminals will target your healthcare organization is not a matter of if, it’s just a matter of when. Download our whitepaper today to learn more about how to be prepared. Also, register today for our Healthcare Cybersecurity Webinar scheduled for October 21st and learn more from leading security experts about threats facing your organization in today’s data landscape.