Turning Problems into Opportunities: QTS Solves Data

No company is immune to challenges as it works to solve the problems that come with providing secure, compliant and scalable data solutions to itself or its clients. Healthcare organizations must ensure their electronic health records storage system is HIPAA compliant. Financial services companies are tasked with securing their customers’ valuable information. Federal agencies must comply with stringent regulations due to the sensitive nature of their data.

Henri Kaiser, the father of modern American shipbuilding, once said that “problems are only opportunities in work clothes.” The catch to that, of course, is that you must have the ability to solve those problems for them to become opportunities.

Solving the data solutions problem can seem like a daunting task at first glance. It can seem impossible to implement a solution that meets your compliance and security needs, all while ensuring scalability to make sure your organization is future-proofed. And busy companies don’t have time for a one-size-fits-all solution.

That’s where the new QTS comes in. QTS and Carpathia are now operating as a single company under the QTS name. We strengthened our platform of custom data center, colocation and cloud and managed services by being able to provide hybrid solutions. And we are doing it while continuing to bring our customers the security, compliance and scalability that QTS has always been known for.

Let us help turn your data solutions problems into opportunities. Whatever your industry, the QTS team can provide a custom data solution that meets your organization’s needs. That’s data solved.

For more information on how QTS can help, call toll-free 877.QTS.DATA or follow us on Twitter @DataCenters_QTS.