We're Enhancing Our Connectivity Portfolio

The demands of consumer and enterprise applications are driving huge volumes of traffic on networks, requiring innovation in connectivity solutions to meet these demands. This innovation is transforming how forward thinking data centers respond to their customer connectivity needs. At QTS, we’re enhancing our connectivity portfolio and strategy to stay ahead of the curve while making sure our services meet the needs of our globally-connected customers. As you partner with us, we want to make your connectivity decisions easier by providing a full suite of solutions that are scalable, reliable and high performing. Through five strategic initiatives that we’ll explore more in-depth throughout the coming weeks, QTS’ strengthened approach to connectivity ensures your IT infrastructure’s communication needs are met today and tomorrow.

1. Strengthening Our Carrier-Neutrality Position

Cloud utilization is expanding, and cloud infrastructures are getting larger and more complex. Often, your IT department encounters an ever-increasing volume of options when it comes to selecting the right networking solutions for your cloud-connected enterprise. Making a connectivity decision among many competing vendors can be a complex and time consuming process. This decision journey often ends in long contracts that restrict innovation further down the road. Here at QTS, we’re improving our commitment to providing carrier-neutral spaces for your connected workloads and applications so that you can streamline costs, maximize performance and minimize downtime.

2. Expanding Software-Defined Networking Connectivity

Software-defined networks are changing the connectivity landscape, allowing real-time network configurations. These changes provide nimble options when addressing your constantly changing infrastructure needs. QTS’ connectivity portfolio harnesses the power of this emerging technology to deliver key benefits to our customers. As we expand our SDN capabilities, QTS will deliver more technical options and responsiveness to companies requiring agility and speed. Furthermore, SDN solutions will also give our customers connectivity choices that have improved automation, affordability and resiliency.

3. Establishing Direct Connectivity to Cloud Computing Platforms

Cloud utilization is expanding in every aspect of our society, from business implications to personal usage. Data demands are growing at an exponential pace and public IP transit networks are becoming more and more congested with worsening security risks. Your business may be challenged to obtain the connectivity necessary to achieve desired performance goals and security requirements. Direct connections are addressing this challenge, offering secure dedicated connectivity that provides interconnection between private infrastructures and public clouds.

4. Increasing Data Center Access to Peering Exchanges (IX) and Carrier Hotels

A key initiative for QTS is increasing access to peering exchanges. In conjunction with our ongoing SDN enhancements and direct connectivity efforts, improving the availability of Internet exchanges will allow QTS to even better serve the needs of organizations with large or custom workloads and datasets in a globally-connected economy.

5. Automating Your Data Center Connectivity Options

Service delivery automation leads to faster network deployments and cost savings for our customers. Noticing this trend, QTS has expanded our data center automation initiatives to include Software-Defined Networking. Our new connectivity solutions will provide online ordering of connections as well as real-time switching of network routes. Our Service Delivery Platform will provide you access to these new tools online, on-demand and accessible from mobile devices. Our intention is to give you automated decision-making that increases organizational efficiency and visibility, leading to savings and greater innovative potential.

If you’re interested in our connectivity solutions, discover more at our Connectivity Page or contact us with any questions. Follow our blog over the coming months to discover more information about these five key areas and how they can impact your organization.

Justin Le Lacheur, QTS Senior Product Manager - Colocation Services