Where Technology and Heart Connect

As a company that focuses very heavily on cutting-edge technology, we also have what I would call a softer side. Looking back, when QTS opened their first data center in 2003, Google was becoming the company to watch, Apple just launched iTunes, and social media was still in its adolescence with MySpace. Although technology has certainly changed and advanced, what has remained the constant within the culture of QTS is our commitment to the communities in which we have data center sites. We have remained steadfast in our core value of supporting family, faith and community volunteerism in the communities our employee’s live and work.

Prior to joining QTS, I worked in several ministry and non-profit roles, including fire and police chaplaincy and serving as the Vice President of Institutional Advancement at MidAmerica Nazarene University where I was responsible for the development and implementation of community relations programs and scholarship funding efforts.

When I joined QTS, they were already doing some really meaningful philanthropy work. In 2012, however, the corporate executive leadership decided to formalize our philanthropy initiatives which led to the creation of our Community Impact Program. In its nearly five years of existence, the program has already made a tremendous impact by providing financial support, technology assistance and manpower to numerous programs including local food banks, homeless shelters, educational institutions, youth camps, parks and fundraising events.

At the heart of what makes QTS special is our people, who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves, renovate a facility, paint a building or clear brush for a few hours. Every day, I am humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to support their efforts of connecting with members of their communities as they fulfill each community’s unique needs.

The program has grown every year with the efforts of our employees. We encourage every member of our team to take up to three paid days to participate in philanthropy work of his or her choice. As part of our volunteer effort, we encourage each site to organize at least one volunteer project for its employees each quarter. The company provides the necessary support and resources to assist each site in completing these volunteer projects. Some of the organization’s key milestones include:

  • Employee participation has more than doubled over last year
  • The Santa Clara location has expanded their volunteerism from once a quarter to once a month providing food to over 140 families each month
  • In Richmond, staff aligned themselves with the Girls and Boys Club for a total renovation of the facility and hosted monthly movie nights
  • Our Miami team has partnered with a social services agency to upgrade their technology and equipment to better provide resources for children and families
  • To date, well over 1,500 man-hours have been donated to impact our communities through volunteerism

These are just a few examples and extensions of the partnerships and impact our employees have made in our communities. We are proud of the work they have accomplished thus far, but know there is still more good work for us to do.

If you know of an organization that would benefit from QTS employees' volunteer work, you can call 913.312.2308.