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February 02, 2016

New Insights in Encryption and Data Security from Vormetric

In late January 2016, Vormetric – the industry leader in data security solutions that span physical, virtual, big data and cloud environments – released their 4th Annual Data Threat Report (formerly known as the Vormetric Insider Report).

Based on a survey conducted by 451 Research in October and November 2015, the report analyzes survey data from over 1,100 senior security executives around the world. Key risks are identified, regional and industry trends are examined and the most effective ways of securing an organization’s data—its most vital asset—are strategized.

The overarching message that emerges from this year’s report? 2015 witnessed an increase in the number and intensity of data breaches. From high-profile attacks against government agencies and health insurers to the hundreds that never made front-page news—data threats are on the rise.

Here are some of the other major takeaways from this year’s research:
  • Mobile, Cloud and Big Data are forcing businesses to think about more than just securing networks and endpoints. The rising adoption of these technologies has led to a corresponding increase in the number of external parties that have access to networks and sensitive data – blurring the lines between insider and outsider threats.
  • Businesses agree that deploying data security tools and techniques is a complex task. Across nearly all geographies surveyed, 57% of respondents cited “complexity” as the number one barrier to adoption.
  • Compliance doesn’t equal security (even though 67% of respondents viewed compliance requirements as either “very effective” or “extremely effective” in preventing data breaches). 
  • Privileged users remain the largest risk to an organization’s sensitive data with executive management accounts coming in as a close second. 
  • Network security (48%) continues to lead the pack in terms of increased spending intentions. However, while spending on this category is important, it demonstrates that businesses continue to focus the majority of their spend on perimeter defenses, leaving them vulnerable to multi-stage attacks.
As you can see, these are challenging and complex times for the information security industry. And research is pointing to the fact that doing what we’ve always done is no longer working.

How confident are you about your business’ short- and long-term strategy for data security? To download the full 2016 Vormetric Data Threat Report, click here.

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