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March 10, 2016

Powered by People, Focused on You

At QTS, our mission is to provide the innovative answers that help IT clients meet their critical data needs. How do we do it? We are technology focused and infrastructure invested. But technology and infrastructure don’t deploy themselves; it takes people to maximize their benefits.

Therein lies the difference.

At QTS, we are powered by people.

Being powered by people guides the way we find and recruit employees, the way we staff our facilities and the way we deliver the industry’s highest level of customer service. All the technology and infrastructure in the world doesn’t do any good if it isn’t maximized by the right people, with the right attitudes and the right experience to back up our promise—data solved.

Our dedicated IT professionals are cross-trained in all the technologies and infrastructures QTS employs across five core industries—enterprise, federal, financial, healthcare and high tech. Because people are our power, QTS strives to deliver industry-specific technology and infrastructure with an experienced and highly knowledgeable human touch.

But our people are not only data experts; they are also committed to helping customers meet their organizational goals, 24x7x365. QTSers care about the success of your business and understand the mission-critical nature of your relationship with us, which is why our professionals are dedicated to providing hands-on service and ongoing support to serve your needs around the clock.

With the highest Net Promoter Score in the industry, QTS’ commitment to high performance is fueled by our strong desire to put our customers first and help our clients reach their business goals. We strive for trust and respect in all of our relationships, both internally and with our clients, and we believe two-way communication is key to building those partnerships of success.

QTS is the only data center, managed hosting and cloud services company that relies on people first to provide advice, technology and infrastructure for IT decision makers in complex, high-pressure environments who need help managing and protecting critical data during a time of unprecedented change.

Your data center powers your business. At QTS, our people power ours.

To learn more about how QTS can provide data solutions, download our "Data Solved" white paper.