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March 18, 2016

QTS Offers Spectrum of Solutions to Meet Federal Data Needs

Federal agencies manage some of the most sensitive data in the world, which is in itself a challenging task. Add in security requirements, compliance regulations and the “Cloud First” policy introduced in 2011, and these agencies need a trusted cloud partner that can help them deliver.

Since the Cloud First policy was set in motion, many federal agencies have adopted cloud solutions, looking to the cloud to support their business and mission objectives. The challenge is knowing where to start and which cloud-based model is the best fit. After all, cloud computing can be implemented using a wide array of deployment models, each of which offers different advantages.

Maintaining a high level of security around sensitive data is a top priority for federal agencies, and it is important to consider this when evaluating which cloud model is the right option. The private cloud is highly secure , offering top-notch reliability and performance; however, these features come at a higher cost. For moderate security that is much more affordable, a public cloud could be the best option.

Still, when it comes to private versus public cloud models, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Adopting a hybrid cloud model offers federal agencies the best of both worlds, allowing them to choose the best-fit IT infrastructure combo. Government cloud computing isn’t “one size fits all,” and tailoring a hybrid solution to fit your agency’s needs means high security and scalability in all the right places at a price that’s guaranteed to fit your budget.

Regardless of the deployment model chosen, it’s important to partner with a trusted provider, like QTS, that can not only offer insight into the best options for storing and managing your data, but also provide ongoing support to ensure that your platform is running efficiently and seamlessly 24x7x365.

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