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April 19, 2016

Data Breaches Drive Businesses to Cloud Services

With the cost of data breaches expected to exceed $2 trillion by 2019, there has been a shift towards the use of third-party cloud services to protect valuable data. The security of organizations’ data determines its success, as the exposure of confidential data leads to financial implications (a breach can cost a company  $3.8 million on average) and loss of credibility with clients. Organizations must be proactive in the protection of their data, asking not if a data breach will occur, but when. After recognizing the vulnerability of in-house solutions, companies can begin to take a proactive approach to their data security by outsourcing to third-party cloud service providers.

Enterprises are acknowledging that in-house data security is often inefficient and ineffective, taking their staffs’ focus away from their core business. As a result of ever-changing security and compliance requirements and the increasing presence of cybercrime, the growing task of protecting data exceeds most organizations’ resources and expertise.

When companies make the transition to the cloud, their IaaS solutions must be faultless. Failure to meet compliance standards established by industry regulators could result in hefty fines. Even if standards are met, overhead costs and time lost when staff members are tasked with maintaining the constantly evolving requirements are inevitable expenses. The consequence is that in-house cloud maintenance quickly exhausts a company’s resources. By delegating the safeguarding of your valuable data to third-party providers, like QTS, your IT staff can prioritize its core business functions.

Utilizing QTS cloud services puts your data’s security in the hands of professionals solely focused on protecting data and understanding the latest security protocols. As more businesses move their valuable data to cloud infrastructures, calculated attacks are becoming more common. QTS engineers and support team members take the burden of defending your data off of your IT staff so their time can be better spent on meeting your business’s goals. In addition to reducing overhead costs, our team can improve operational efficiency and increase reliability.

QTS Managed Cloud is a highly scalable, flexible IT infrastructure. The enterprise-class cloud solution emphasizes high-touch customer support, offering customers the opportunity to tailor the service to their specific business requirements. Because Managed Cloud is not an out-of-the-box solution, you choose which services fit your business and only pay for what you need. In addition to managed network, operating system and backup, Managed Cloud lets you choose from services like monitoring, network intrusion detection, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Anti-DDoS.

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