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April 20, 2016

Are You Connected? Know Your Options for Connectivity

Your stakeholders expect private, secure and reliable access to key application data and content. With carrier-neutral connectivity, you can ensure that your customers, suppliers and employees receive the predictable performance they need.

Are you getting the most out of your colocation services?

QTS recognizes the need for robust, carrier-neutral connectivity. From cross connects within QTS facilities to connections within the metropolitan area, to low latency connections between QTS data centers, we offer hundreds of carrier alternatives and a full range of interconnection and IP bandwidth options. Here, we have highlighted three of our carrier-neutral connectivity service options: QTS ethernetConnect, QTS InternetConnect and QTS cloudConnect.

Are you connected… to your applications?

Connecting to the outside world is a must-have capability for today’s successful businesses, whether you’re using hybrid cloud, DR/DRaaS, data replication, data migration or other applications. With QTS ethernetConnect, you can connect your business locations to each other and to external organizations. By enabling private, high-bandwidth, point-to-point connections, QTS ethernetConnect allows you a seamless, convenient connection for your customers and employees to access your applications.

Are you connected… to the Internet?

Increase the value of your colocated cabinet, cage, or suite at any QTS data center with QTS InternetConnect. Intentionally designed with diversity and redundancy, QTS InternetConnect blends Internet services over a minimum of two carriers. With flexible bandwidth choices that provide the level of performance and availability your business requires, QTS InternetConnect provides easy Internet connectivity with 24x7x365 monitoring and support.

Eliminate undesired costs associated with overages by adding QTS Anti-DDoS. With 49% of critical attacks capable of penetrating firewalls, malicious traffic is a real and costly threat. Anti-DDoS gives you a higher level of security for QTS InternetConnect and other QTS cloud products so you can remove harmful traffic early and maintain network availability. 

Are you connected… to the cloud?

Easily and privately connect to the cloud with QTS cloudConnect. With cloudConnect, you get a private connection between a single public cloud provider and your cloud or colocation space within QTS.

This private, dedicated, Layer 2 Ethernet connection has additional options for protected connections and flexible bandwidth options, ranging from 50Mbps to 10Gbps. QTS and its carrier partners manage the Layer 2 connection between your QTS demarcation point and one of the Cloud Services Provider’s POPs.

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