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May 09, 2016

What is the OSC and Why is it Great?

QTS Operations Support Center Exemplifies the QTS Customer Experience

As the central point for all customers, the QTS Operations Support Center (OSC) plays a crucial role in our customers’ experience. Comprised of team leads, engineers and customer support representatives, the OSC operates 24x7x365 to manage all incident reports, customer inquiries and issues. Boasting an industry-leading Net Promoter Score (NPS), providing second to none managed services and exemplifying QTS’ “Powered by People” motto are just a few reasons we love to brag on our OSC.

At QTS, we understand the importance of our data centers’ services being available 24x7x365. We know that reliable accessibility to data is a key component of customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, our advanced technology and infrastructure would be meaningless without having the right people in the OSC to make that technology work for our customers. As a member of an industry that demands perfection, we strive to exceed expectations, and we believe our NPS score shows that we do just that.

NPS scores measure customer loyalty in a variety of service areas, including physical facilities, processes, staff responsiveness and services, both on site and in our 24-hour OSC. QTS earned a NPS of 63.5 for 2015, increasing over 15% from QTS’ 2014 score of 55.1 and surpassing the industry’s average score of 45.

QTS’ Operations Support Center champions our Managed Services offerings, including Managed Hosting, Managed Network, Managed Systems, Managed Security, Managed Storage & Backup and Managed Disaster Recovery. Having the OSC team available around the clock for these services can have substantial benefits, reduced overhead costs being just one. QTS’ 24x7x365 support team of analysts, engineers and IT professionals provide you peace of mind without an extravagant price tag.

QTS is Powered by People, with over 700 employees committed to providing flawless customer service to more than 1,000 customers around the world. Our QTS customers will tell you that our company culture is people-powered, centered on unmatched attentive, consultative service.

When you work with our Operations Support Center, you will find that they are team-oriented, resourceful and prepared to get the job done. The OSC holds a customer-first attitude that is matched throughout the organization, across every country and in every role. QTS and its OSC are invested wholeheartedly in the success of your business and understand that our partnership is mission critical. In every interaction, we seek to aid that mission.

QTS’ Operations Support Center plays a key role in creating the QTS Difference. Learn more about how QTS is Powered by People, or call us toll-free at 877.QTS.DATA to see how the QTS Difference can help your business.

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