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May 16, 2016

Managed Services Can Help You

Keep Pace with Changing Business Demands with Managed Services

 With ever-changing business demands, the modern business often does not have the manpower or resources to expend on managing their constantly evolving IT infrastructure. Hiring an experienced, flexible partner to help with the monitoring and management of your collocated or hybrid environment can let you focus on your business demands while reducing overhead costs. Here are four ways managed services could help you.

Managed Hosting

 By choosing a trustworthy outside party to host your data, the burden of growing your physical or virtual storage as your business demands increase is taken off your shoulders. A partner with scalable infrastructure will have the capacity to manage accelerated growth rates, as well as keep up with compliance regulations. Your internal IT staff will thank you, as they can spend their time innovating and growing your business while your partner attentively manages your environment.

 Managed Security

 With the threat of data breaches imminent and hackers more innovative than ever, it is vital that your data be protected with first-rate security measures. Managed security services will preempt the efforts of hackers, as you will have an around-the-clock team working to mitigate network threats and vulnerabilities. In addition to being prepared to detect and respond to security and compliance issues, your partner should proactively monitor compliance regulations to reduce risk.

 Managed Storage & Backup

 Outsourcing your storage and backup needs to a data services provider alleviates the pressure of exponentially growing storage requirements. It is time consuming and expensive for internal teams to meet both your business’ demands and compliance requirements. Managed storage keeps data securely stored, compliant and available on demand.

 Managed Disaster Recovery

Today’s customers expect 24x7x365 security and accessibility, so an unexpected disaster quickly turns into a painful headache for your business. With a disaster recovery plan prepared in advance, you can have peace of mind knowing your website and data won’t be in jeopardy. Managed disaster recovery services offer a portfolio of customizable options to keep your physical and virtual servers protected.

It is important to recognize that not all managed service providers are alike. In order to justify relinquishing the responsibility of your data to a provider, you need to know they are reputable and trustworthy.

Look for providers that offer customizability. You don’t want to pay an extraordinary cost for services you won’t use, but being too frugal will come at the expense of necessary capabilities. The right provider will enable you to outsource only the tasks you don’t want to manage in-house. After all, your provider should help you find the solution that best meets your business needs, not theirs.

In addition to customizable service options, your provider should also offer a diverse support team. From engineers to customer support representatives, you deserve to know that your data is in capable hands. You can start by checking a provider’s Net Promoter Score, which measures the satisfaction of their customers.

QTS offers these four managed services, as well as managed systems and managed networks. Our highly customizable services and expert team of professionals are here to serve you. To learn more about QTS’ managed services, click here. You can also call us toll-free at 877.QTS.DATA and follow us on Twitter @DataCenters_QTS.

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