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May 24, 2016

Benefits of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Learn Four Ways QTS’ Cloud-Based DRaaS Can Help

Preparation is crucial in lessening the impact of an unexpected disaster. Many businesses are shifting the responsibility off of their in-house IT professionals and letting third-party providers manage their disaster recovery. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a more cost-effective and reliable way for businesses to meet BC/DR requirements and be prepared for emergency.

As the importance of cloud-based systems continues to build and cloud-based server environments expand, cloud-based disaster recovery is showing its value.  Disaster recovery (DR) management has transitioned from a process that takes coordination of multiple resources and departments into a process that can largely be automated. However, it’s still important that your third-party provider be experienced and knowledgeable in DRaaS. From cyber crime to natural disasters such as floods, fires and earthquakes, QTS has experience preparing disaster recovery strategies for partners from a variety of industries.

Here are four ways QTS’ cloud-based DRaaS could benefit you:

Reduce Complexity and Risk

QTS DRaaS is powered by Zerto, the first and only replication solution for the enterprise-class. Zerto offers a virtual-aware, software-only replication solution built purposefully for virtual environments. QTS DRaaS installs into your existing infrastructure seamlessly and without disrupting the configuration of your data environment. 43% of organizations that experience substantial data loss from unplanned outages shut down for good. DRaaS could make the difference in your business’s survival. DRaaS users experience 50% fewer instances of downtime and recover almost 3x faster from each event.

Increase Savings

Cloud-based DR removes the need for and cost of duplicate infrastructure. To further reduce cost, you can use less expensive storage and servers at the target site. QTS DRaaS powered by Zerto also allows easy replication between different technologies, extending the life of older assets. DRaaS users experience an average of 40% savings on their storage costs and 60% savings on operational expenses.

DRaaS is cost-effective, but when you will really see an ROI from DR services is when disaster strikes. Gartner estimates the financial impact of downtime at $336,000 per hour. Investing in DRaaS saves you from that monetary blow, with business’s recovering more quickly and experiencing 1/5 the financial impact of users of in-house recovery infrastructures.

Improve Control 

The customizability offered by QTS DRaaS allows you to pick and choose what you want to back up should a disaster strike. This control lets you reboot more quickly, and real-time replication ensures that you meet your recovery point objectives in minutes rather than hours. 

Leverage QTS Expertise

Why should you choose QTS over other third-party DR service providers? QTS DRaaS leads the industry with the lowest level of recovery time objectives (RTOs). QTS experts completely manage your DR system, allowing you to focus on business goals and innovation. QTS Cloud Engineers are available to advise you in the event of an emergency and manage your DRaaS remotely.

Interested in learning more about QTS DRaaS powered by Zerto and how it can help you? Download our whitepaper, “A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery.”

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