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June 09, 2016

Colocation for Small and Medium Businesses: An Affordable Data Solution

IT managers at small and medium businesses face the same challenges and threats as larger enterprises, but have the additional difficulty of protecting their company with smaller budgets and fewer trained staff. On top of this, increasing amounts of data, evolving security concerns and more complex compliance standards require businesses to be responsive and flexible when coming up with a long term solution. What often happens when keeping a data solution in-house is companies outgrowing or threats outpacing this type of infrastructure.

Fortunately, QTS has a colocation solution in mind. QTS offers space options from single cabinets to multi-rack cages to private suites. With QTS’ colocation services, your infrastructure can be scaled to support your near term growth requirements and future expansion.

Secure data storage is a pressing issue, as the Internet of Things continues to grow and companies struggle to find the resources to store, manage and analyze their data. Before you decide that your business can’t afford a third-party provider or that using colocation solutions isn’t cost effective, consider these important factors. You may be surprised at how affordable a colocation solution can be.

When considering renting space from a data center provider, see how the factors of time, cost and service can influence the bottom line for your company.


How quickly do you need access to more space? Time is money, especially when you are running out of room to store your data. Choosing to construct your own storage can be time-consuming, and you should expect a two to three year delay before your new storage is usable.

By leasing space off-site, you can look forward to a much shorter deadline. Once the conversation begins about partnering with QTS, our engineers and support team will work quickly and efficiently to provide exactly what your company needs. The chances are, if you’re nearing your data capacity, a third-party provider will have the shortest deployment time and be able to offer a quicker solution than building your own space.


Construction is expensive, and in-house data center overhead can be exorbitant. If you choose to build rather than colocate, be sure to budget for large up-front and long-term maintenance costs. There is a hefty price per square foot for the cost of planning, purchasing land, commissioning, constructing, adding on cyber and physical security systems and insuring this space.

Third-party facilities, like QTS mega data centers, are pre-built and ready to be occupied. As a renter of space, your capital costs are rolled into a monthly bill that your company can financially plan for. Don’t be surprised by the cost of your data solution – avoid the hassle of overseeing construction of a facility and mitigate any financial risk by choosing a collocated space with a known price for a sure solution.

In addition to cutting construction costs, leasing data center space will drastically reduce your overhead costs of engineers and IT staffing, as well as your energy costs. QTS staffs our data centers around-the-clock and offers state-of-the-art managed service options. We are also committed to energy-efficiency, for the benefit of the environment as well as our colocated partners’ bottom lines.


Finally, you can’t put a price tag on the peace of mind our quality customer service will give you. QTS is Powered by People, and we lead the industry with our impressive Net Promoter Score. From our IT staff and engineers, to our Operations Support Center team, you will have someone to contact 24x7x365 for any concerns about your data center, cloud or managed services.

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