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June 27, 2016

QTS Chicago Boasts Impressive Technical Specifications

How can space, power, cooling and security features make a difference in your Chicago data solution?

The iconic Chicago Sun-Times printing facility has undergone significant renovations during its transformation into Chicago’s newest mega data center. The new building possesses impressive technical specifications and features. But what does that mean for your business?


Data center space in Chicago is currently in high demand. The more space a data center provider can offer, the more ability they have to scale to meet your data needs. With 317,000 gross square feet on a 30-acre campus, QTS Chicago is a data center than has room to grow with you.


Power is a critical component of uptime, and uptime is a critical component of your business’ success. QTS Chicago can support 24 MW of gross power capacity. Three 8MVA lines provide power to the facility. A dual utility comes from the Quarry substation and an emergency utility line from Crawford. All power cabling below floors has been installed in either conduit or sealtight flexible conduit, with approved connectors to all equipment.


Energy efficiency is at the forefront of our minds, as we know that energy use has an impact on both the environment and our clients’ wallets. QTS is the only large, wholesale and colocation data center in the Chicago market using Kyoto cooling. This innovative cooling solutions cools up to 40 kva and utilizes cool outside air without outside contaminants.  

Kyoto cooling also gives absolute data center design flexibility, as it has no placement obstacle or CRAH’s on the floor. QTS Chicago’s cooling automatically accommodates load variations 0 – 4 MW in 30 minutes.


Your data is your most valuable asset, and it should be protected by both physical and virtual security measures. QTS data centers have security guards on-site 24x7x365 and are actively patrolled both inside and outside of the facility.

QTS Chicago’s campus is surrounded by a security fence and has a single point of entry. Each data center floor and secured area requires a card key for access, and closed circuit video cameras cover the interior and exterior of the building.

QTS Chicago has been built to the most modern standards for data center technology and security. To learn more about what you should consider when selecting a data center provider in Chicago, download our whitepaper.


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