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July 25, 2016

Why Letting QTS Manage Your Database Benefits You

Outsourcing your database management improves your bottom line

As business demands continue to change, employing QTS’ Managed Services offerings lets your IT staff focus on core business goals while the maintenance of your colocated or hybrid environment is taken care of by the expert QTS team. We’ve outlined a few of the reasons QTS’ Managed Services benefits your business.

Leverage QTS Expertise and Technology

When you select QTS to manage your database your IT staff expands in number and expertise so that you have a resource available whenever the need arises. QTS’ team of engineers and IT professionals are continuously trained on the most up-to-date data center best practices. With staff specialized in a variety of industries, QTS provides a knowledgeable team to handle routine maintenance, as well as hosting, security, compliance, disaster recovery and storage and backup needs.

In addition to utilizing QTS’ team, colocating your database gives you access to QTS state-of-the art facilities and technology. Rather than paying the upfront cost of security, storage and management technology, you are able to make use of QTS’ industry leading equipment.

Why waste your IT staff’s time on day-to-day hardware maintenance and database administration? The QTS team is already on-site, so let us take care of it for you. By offloading these redundant tasks, your team can spend more time growing their unique expertise and expanding their knowledge of your business. 

Make the most of 24x7x365 Service

There is no such thing as an opportune time for a disaster or security breach, but having a team on-site when an unexpected event occurs can decrease the impact on your business. Yet, paying for an around-the-clock staff can quickly exhaust your financial resources.

In addition to handling routine tasks, QTS is staffed 24x7x365 for database maintenance and repair. This makes preventing and recovering from damaging events more efficient and affordable.

Concentrate on Your Business Goals

Using QTS Managed Services improves your bottom line by reducing overhead costs, but it also increases the value of your internal IT staff’s work. Freeing them from database management gives them room to focus on projects that are important for your business’s core goals. In short, if QTS can keep your data running, your internal team can keep your business growing and competitive.

Business owners and IT staffs are sometimes hesitant when it comes to outsourcing their database management, as it means entrusting their most valuable asset to an external provider. However, once you find an experienced, trustworthy provider, offloading routine monitoring and management tasks can increase your business’ efficiency and improve your bottom line.

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