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August 08, 2016

4 Ways Cloud Computing Helps Accelerate Innovation

Leveraging the cloud makes innovation more affordable and attainable than ever before. Rather than investing significant capital into their own IT infrastructure, companies can spend more time innovating new products and less time purchasing and maintaining IT infrastructure.

Here are four ways that the cloud helps accelerate innovation:

1. Easier and Faster Testing for New Ideas

When IT maintenance and management tasks are bogging down business development, it is time to make the switch to the cloud. Traditional IT platforms require significant overhead, and starting new, innovative projects become too time-consuming because of the required paperwork, risk aversion and red tape of preparing the platform. The test and development phases are particularly time-consuming.

With the cloud, experimenting and testing new projects is more cost-effective and low-risk, with faster deployment times and pay-as-you-go type plans.

2. Take Control of Your Budget

When nearly 70% of businesses spend more than 70% of their IT budgets on maintenance, your business’ innovation is controlled by the cost of those demands. Utilizing the cloud frees up some of those resources so you can redirect your budget to fit your innovation needs. Transitioning certain IT workloads to a cloud computing platform can remove budget hurdles and save money to be allocated for business-enhancing products.

3. Attract Employees with New Ideas

Younger generations have grown up with the cloud, using it with their gaming systems, computer storage and even mobile phones. They expect to be working with the cloud and hybrid IT environments, so using the cloud will attract younger, talented individuals. These new employees can both supplement your existing IT staff to free up their time for development, or serve on a business development team as well.

4. Decrease the Difficulty of Starting Up

New businesses and startups may struggle to get off the ground, especially if they don’t have the funds to invest capital in traditional IT platforms. Because of the cloud’s low cost and agility, it is an ideal solution for a business that needs scalability and flexibility.

Increase opportunities for innovation while reducing cost by leveraging cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures. QTS is an industry-leading provider of cloud services, with a commitment to creating flexible, customized solutions for our customers. To learn more about QTS Cloud Hosting Services, visit our website or call us toll-free at 877.QTS.DATA.

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