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August 26, 2016

The Challenges of Data Center Design

What does it mean to design a data center for maximum uptime?
Uptime is essential to business success, increasing the pressure on businesses to have their data centers protected against potential outages. We’ve outlined three of the biggest challenges data centers are faced with when designing their facilities for maximum uptime.

Protective Construction

When designing and building data centers it’s not just about creating a home for your hardware to live. There must be strategic planning of how to create a data center that will protect your valuable assets. From choosing a location that isn’t disaster-prone to constructing the facility, every aspect of a data center must be designed for security.

Protection against natural disasters must be accompanied by protection against malicious actions. Property set-back, secure fencing, guard gates with visitor screening, roving guard patrols, and video monitoring are just a few examples of logical security measures that should be implemented.

Climate Control

Concentrated collections of equipment can easily overheat, leading many to construct data centers in cooler locations to cut down on energy costs. However, using outside air relies on the weather to cooperate. Should it snow or get too cold, facility equipment can be at risk and temperatures can move beyond their recommended range.

Data centers are energy-expensive, and it's the responsibility of data center owners to make every effort to be an environmental steward. Challenged with finding ways to keep their facilities at the proper temperature for operation without being wasteful, innovative solutions are being designed. The KyotoCooling Solution, used in the QTS Chicago facility, is the most economical and efficient data center cooling solution on the market. Over 90% effective in heat rejection, this climate control solution has the lowest PUE in the industry and saves millions of kWh of energy per data center.

24x7x365 Operation

Business owners, employees and customers expect around-the-clock access to their software and applications. Natural disasters, malicious attacks or unintentional human error can put a kink in operations that a business can’t afford. In fact, 43% of organizations that experience substantial data loss of data from unplanned outages shut down for good. Designing a reliable, redundant infrastructure is essential to minimizing the risk of outages.

Rather than making a large capital investment in assuring sufficient power, security, fire prevention, climate control, flood protection and maintenance for it all, leverage QTS Custom Data Center Services. We provide a cost-effective, efficient alternative to building (or buying) your own data center to house your IT and network infrastructure. To learn more, contact us today at 877.QTS.DATA.
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