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October 28, 2016

Defining 'Purpose-Built' in Piscataway

As the volume of data used in the world continues to grow each day, the demand for data storage space continues to increase. Planning, designing and building a data center requires expertise in the distinct needs and challenges that a facility will face when providing a secure, efficient and customizable environment for data storage.

QTS Piscataway is a purpose-built facility
, specifically designed to satisfy the unique needs of data center customers in the Greater Metro New York Area. "Purpose-built" means that this facility was always meant to be data center from the very beginning. Experts in data center construction, management and maintenance weighed in on the design and build-out of this facility.

One of the first considerations when planning a purpose-built data center is location. In addition to size, accessibility and local climate considerations, planners want to make sure that the facility is conveniently located to customers. Convenience is important when utilizing a variety of services, from colocation to cloud. QTS Piscataway is a prime example of how crucial convenience can be. Located within driving distance from one of the world’s largest data hubs for the financial, technology and pharmaceutical industries, it is also just minutes from Newark Liberty International Airport.

Another key consideration that comes into play during the design phase is layout. Data centers must be efficient, both in terms of operations and energy. The layout of a data center determines how equipment will be housed, how many and what type of personnel members will be necessary and what energy-saving systems can be utilized to minimize inefficiencies. Layout is also a determining factor in how a data center provider can offer scalability for their customers. QTS Piscataway is a 360,000 sq. ft. facility with 176,000 sq. ft. of raised floor capacity. With colocation options ranging from single cabinets to multi-rack cages to private suites, customers have the flexibility to expand with a trusted partner as their business and data needs grow.

A crucial aspect of data center design is its security program and what infrastructural support that program will need. Data center security requires state-of-the-art systems and multiple points of protection. From physical security to logical security, a building designed to accommodate and support advanced security technology leads to more effective protection. QTS Piscataway was designed with security in mind with a security fence around the entire campus, main entrance guard house, fully-monitored CCTV camera system, single point of entry featuring key access control and dual authentication with biometric readers.

Last but not least, a data center requires world-class power and connectivity and the infrastructure to support both. Power capabilities are not built to meet the current needs of a data center, but designed to also support future growth and expansion as customer’s IT environments become larger. Our Piscataway facility has over 26 megawatts of critical power, the ability to support N to 2N power redundancy, solar panels that generate two megawatts of power and an onsite 112kVA substation.

QTS Piscataway is also a leader in connectivity in the region with three diverse underground fiber entry laterals to the site, a point of presence for the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, three meet-me rooms and four points of entry.

QTS is an industry-leading provider of data center solutions, with a commitment to creating flexible, customized solutions for our customers. To learn more about QTS Piscataway, contact us or call us toll-free at 877.QTS.DATA.