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December 16, 2016

2016: The Year of IOT and Hyperscale

The IT landscape and the data center industry saw a great deal of change and innovation in 2016. No organization was immune to the impact of everything from increased cybercrime to the ever-expanding collection of big data. However, two topics had a significant influence on data center operations and strategy: the need to innovate to keep up with the expansion of the Internet of Things and facilitating more organizations’ need to hyperscale.

IoT Innovation

Throughout the past year, IT managers for organizations both small and large have been challenged to find innovative ways to store, manage and secure data created by the roughly 17.68 billion devices that IHS estimates currently make up the IoT universe. Data center providers have been innovating to meet the needs of their clients from across a wide array of industries that are harnessing the power of IoT. The IoT universe is not limited to phones, tablets, smart cars and other type of consumer products. Manufacturers are investing in IoT technology to take advantage of machine learning and real time data analysis to improve operations. Forbes called 2016 “a glimpse into where IoT can deliver the most value: solving complex logistics, manufacturing, services and supply chain problems.”

The Internet of Things will continue to expand, and data center providers must innovate to meet the evolving security challenges that IT managers face now and in the future. recently highlighted this risk, writing “any device connecting to the Internet with an operating system comes with the possibility of being compromised, in turn becoming a backdoor for attackers into the enterprise.”

Hyperscale Facilitation

Data Center Journal reports
that the internet has grown by a factor of 100 over the past 10 years with data center computing increasing by a factor of 1,000. Audiences are consuming more news and entertainment media online. Healthcare providers are digitizing patient records. Ecommerce traffic continues to shatter records. This shift in how we access, store and transmit information means that data needs are growing by the hour.

Organizations are seeking partners to help them hyperscale their environment in a cost-effective, sustainable way. IT managers are looking to expand their IT footprint, while maintaining accessibility and security in their current environment. QTS has invested in expanding our portfolio of services to offer increased scalability and flexibility with robust support and expertise. With the addition of new cloud and connectivity solutions, including QTS OpenStack Cloud and AWS Direct Connect, QTS is able to keep pace with these growing needs.

Furthermore, we employ an incremental growth philosophy when designing our mega data centers. Utilizing adept master planning, innovative construction strategies and specialized expertise, we can offer customized solutions and environments that grow as our customers’ data and businesses grow.

QTS is committed to creating highly-scalable and highly-flexible solutions that help organizations innovate. To learn more about QTS data center centers and solutions, contact us on our website or call us toll-free at 877.QTS.DATA.
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