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December 27, 2016

How Big Data is Influencing Data Center Management

Big data, along with the challenges and opportunities that come along with it, arrived several years ago, but 2016 saw new implications and technologies impacting how actionable this data is in real-time. Rapid innovation is leading to substantial progress in the world of big data analytics. The International Data Corporation predicts that the amount of high-value data worth analyzing will double by 2020 and that 60% of that information will be actionable.

This year, the IT industry took a big step toward in analyzing and utilizing big data to maximize timeliness and efficacy. Recently, one method gained significant momentum: machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence that creates self-taught computers that interpret and apply information in new ways as they recognize patterns.

Earlier this year, Forbes reported the manufacturing, retail, healthcare, travel/hospitality, financial services and energy industries are experiencing the greatest impact from machine learning. But the data center industry is also looking to big data to improve operational control and management. describes data center providers “applying new styles of processing and analysis borrowed from the world of big data technologies and business analytics to help decision makers better master the challenges of It management.” Big data solutions can enable providers to effectively deploy, host, manage and secure multiple environments in a mega data center.

At QTS, we know that real-time analysis, machine learning and automated processing drastically improve not only data center operations, but also data security. Through best-of-breed technologies and process automation, we offer highly scalable, flexible environments with reduced complexity and more efficiency. Our approach is powered by expert engineers and technicians.

One example of this innovation is QTS’ Network Intrusion Detection System. QTS IDS allows you to cost-effectively defend and protect your network against internal and external threats. Through real-time virus scanning and around-the-clock monitoring, our team is able to stop zero-day attacks. QTS Web Application Firewall also analyzes activity in real-time. Through machine learning, QTS WAF uses defined rules and criteria to permit, deny, encrypt and decrypt traffic between security network networks.

QTS’ Anti-DDoS Mitigations services also utilizes big data processing techniques when protecting your environment from malicious traffic. QTS Anti-DDoS integrates network-wide intelligence and anomaly detection to remove threats by utilizing automatic analysis of Internet traffic.
QTS is an industry-leading provider of data center solutions, with a commitment to offering our customers efficient, scalable solutions. To learn more about QTS and how we can meet your evolving data needs, contact us or call us toll-free at 877.QTS.DATA.