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January 25, 2017

How to Better Manage Complex IT with an Integrated Platform

As the data landscape evolves, it becomes exponentially more complex. Add that to the fact that the amount of data worldwide is increasing at an unimaginable pace. As a direct result, organizations’ IT needs are growing as well. According to Data Center Journal, data center compute capacity has increased by a factor of 1,000 over the past decade. Leaders in every industry are paying close attention to where IT is going and balancing the need to scale their infrastructure while maintaining secure, compliant environments in a time of unprecedented change.

Keeping pace can require significant capital expenditures in facilities, hardware and other physical assets. Plus, after these investments are made, it is easy for organizations to quickly outgrow these assets or become overburdened by the costs associated with maintaining, repairing and expanding their facilities. Front-loading these investments also reduces an organization’s ability to invest in innovative technologies and IT strategies.

To combat these challenges, CIOs are seeking ways to create a better OPEX-CAPEX balance and outsource their data management and hosting needs. The technology industry is discovering that data center companies are in the best position to build, deploy and manage IT environments in the most secure, cost-efficient way. IT decision makers don’t want to juggle multiple vendors and solutions. Instead, they want a partner that offers a comprehensive, fully integrated service platform. But what does a fully integrated service platform look like?

A Fully-Integrated Service Delivery Platform Built for Hybrid IT

Hybrid solutions are where IT is going. Hybrid IT offers organizations the flexibility and customization they need to meet their specific organizational goals and objectives. With a hybrid IT model, IT departments can be engaged with their environment management in a strategic way, not through day-to-day task management. This enables CIOs and their teams to focus on how their IT infrastructure can support their overarching business objectives. These integrated data center, managed hosting and cloud solutions are supported in four key ways:

Customer Experience
When outsourcing, IT decision makers are looking for partners that are constantly innovating and finding unique ways to solve their customer’s IT challenges. Data solutions should support both IT goals and organizational goals. This level of support comes from a partner that is committed not just to providing a service, but providing guidance, advice and an expert perspective.

Security and Compliance
With the ever-present threat of a breach, data security is one of the most important aspects of any IT strategy. Furthermore, meeting constantly-evolving compliance is a top priority for all organizations. Providing complete data protection requires a robust security system and comprehensive compliance framework, featuring state-of-the-art technologies and 24x7x365 monitoring.

Data Center Infrastructure
It is paramount that any IT environment, solution or service be designed to scale. As an organization’s data storage needs grow, so will their need to transmit, compute and analyze that data. At the heart of scalability is data center design and construction. To best meet customers’ needs to create data environments that match their unique goals, data center providers should follow an incremental growth philosophy. Data center companies invest in infrastructure rich facilities and build out the data center in phases, offering customers options for customization early in the design phase. Furthermore, the customer saves money because their provider can deliver cabinet layout, grounding, power, power distribution, testing and computing power to meet their needs efficiently.

Expert Support
Different aspects of data management require specialized expertise, from hardware maintenance to cloud deployment. Expert support helps organizations stay ahead of IT challenges and opportunities, not just keep pace. These data experts have the experience and training necessary to effectively manage IT without costly mistakes.

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