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March 03, 2017

A Move Away From Day-to-Day Management

Friends don't let friends build data centers."

This quote from Infor CEO Charles Phillips is from nearly two years ago, but just resurfaced in a article last month. That’s because now the sentiment is more relevant than ever. Enterprises from every industry are grappling with the question of how to keep pace with the break-neck speed in which the IT landscape is growing and evolving.

The data center industry is not answering with more data centers; it is building mega data centers run by teams with a broad spectrum of expertise.  This robust expertise is required to stay ahead of how management, security and compliance protocols change on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis.

It can seem all but impossible for in-house teams to not only manage ever-expanding data environments, but also harness how data can improve their organizational operations. It’s very hard to build strategic plans and invest in cutting-edge technologies if your team is working around the clock to just manage your day-to-day IT needs.

That’s why the role of the data center provider is evolving too. Industry-leaders are expanding their service offerings, providing more than just space, power and cooling. CIOs are looking for a more integrated approach to support that involves one call, not 20.

Your in-house team should be focused on how your IT strategy and investments can drive your business forward and have a measurable impact on organizational goals and objectives. As you consider how to unburden that team and encourage innovation, partnering with a ­fully-integrated data center provider can help you reduce inefficiencies, maximize investments in legacy applications and/or seamlessly migrate to the cloud. Below are some of the ways your data center provider should be able to support your overall IT strategy and in-house team.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities in computer and information technology fields are projected to grow at the fastest rate of any occupation, increasing by 12 percent from 2012 to 2024. IT engineers, technicians and service representatives bring the specialized training and experience required to keep up with the complex data landscape. But recruiting and retaining specialized IT experts can be a challenge.

Data center providers are constantly recruiting IT professionals with specialized expertise. With a robust team comprised of cloud engineers, hardware technicians, compliance officers and security personnel, data center providers have a diverse, dedicated team to handle any IT need.


Proactive on-site hardware and facility management is vital to ensuring your data is available and secure. Hardware failure is a leading cause of IT downtime and every minute of delay leads to significant costs for your organization. Furthermore, investing in the most up-to-date hardware and facility technologies can consume valuable IT resources.

When partnering with a data center partner, you can create a better capital expenditures / operational expenditures balance while leveraging their on-site hardware maintenance team and asset management team.


Purchasing the latest software version can be a hard sell when organizational leaders are expecting more and more return on IT investment. If a current solution is not optimal, but “working,” CIOs are often asked to delay updates. However, as more and more issues and gaps emerge, you may end up spending more in the long term if you stick with an out-of-date version that is not designed to be compatible with current applications and networks.

Partnering with a full-service data center provider that offers a complete portfolio of data solutions can eliminate the need to purchase the latest software and tools, because you leverage their investments and expertise by purchasing a managed services package. These packages can include environment monitoring, managed network, anti-DDoS and log management.


Connectivity is key to seamless, timely interactions with customers, partners, suppliers and employees. Today’s connectivity challenges are most often driven by consolidation, virtualization and adaptive architectures. Achieving unification across your communication infrastructure is key to building a scalable, reliable and high performance connectivity strategy.

Seek a connectivity partner that can fully integrate your network management with your infrastructure management. Carrier-neutral connectivity should be a hallmark of any data center solution. 


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