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Jon Greaves, QTS Chief Technology Officer May 10, 2017

Platforms Spur Innovation

Yesterday we announced the public launch of the QTS Service Delivery Platform (SDP).  We have been working on SDP now for about 18 months and as you might imagine, we are super excited to show off how we see the next level of integrated services being developed and delivered.  

What is SDP? 

We think of SDP delivering three key capabilities:

  1. Firstly, it’s a way to unlock the billions of data points QTS captures on a daily basis and bring them into a normalized and common platform.  We capture this data by utilizing real-time streaming pipelines to populate a data lake.  The dataset we are working from is vast and comprehensive.  It includes critical infrastructure powering our facilities, IT assets and workloads, cloud workloads and consumption - just to name a few.  I’d argue a richer more complete view of the IT landscape than any other provider.  We call this digitizing.
  2. Secondly, once we have the data in a common storage solution we can analyze the data.  This can range from simple mathematical expressions “show me median circuit power usage” or much more complex review “for each server with single power supply show me average availability.”  Since the data is common we can inspect data from a variety of datasets within a single expression “show me power utilization for circuit xyz divided by server utilization of devices in rack abc.
  3. Thirdly, automation.  Automation allows QTS, our partners and our customers to perform transactions on the data. Examples could range from adding additional services, expanding capacity or automating a common task or activity.

Did I mention that all three are available by API?  As we add more datasets and capabilities we will make them available via API. This allows our user community to interact with the data anyway they wish. For example, we have an API that allows our customers to view and manage who has access to their space in the data center.  Another allows access to power data, gone are the days of clunky monthly reports. Now data is available on demand.

We also have modernized the user experience with an application centric view of the data. Our power analytics app allows users to real-time query data and view insight such as overused enclosures, trends and averages across all sites, or filter down to individual circuits.  Our hybrid cloud app allows SDP to harvest your resources deployed in AWS and ensure it conforms to best practice or evaluate it against rules you define (eg. only permit deployment of VM’s in certain regions).

Hopefully this provides a very high level view of the potential of SDP.  I’m looking forward to sharing more uses of the platform from our customers, partners and QTS’ers in the coming weeks.

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