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Brian Johnston, QTS Chief Technology Officer May 11, 2017

Hyperscale: A New Standard for Agility

Hyperscale is now a mainstay in the data center landscape and we are continually working to create data centers that are suited to meet rapidly evolving requirements. Over the next few months, we are going to dive into several areas of the data center and how it relates to this growing trend.

First let’s start with the new service model that has emerged from this increase in demand: Hyperscale Service Provider (HSP). Hyperscale has come to mean a lot of things, but at its core is the ability to scale all elements of IT architecture and provision rapidly to meet demand as it increases.

Here is what we see as the five fundamentals of an HSP: Speed, Flexibility, Economics, Operational Excellence and Visibility. 

Speed I need it now

At its core Hyperscale is built on three components: speed to build, speed to deploy and speed to respond. These companies are moving at the speed of the internet and their provider has to move just as fast. As a data center company, how do you plan to meet these needs? We planned and we focused early on to build a growth path to fit any requirement. By taking a phased approach, we can scale our facilities as demand for space and services grows. In turn we reduce cost and improve Time-to-Value for customers.

Flexibility - I need a partner to work with me

Hyperscale providers are innovating daily and they don’t know if their next big thing will fall flat (Google Glasses), hit it big and dissolve (Pokémon), or be around for decades (Facebook). Hyperscale providers are looking for a partner that can scale and grow with them, as well as, be able to provide a flexible contract.

Economics I want it for free

When looking to scale quickly, everyone has to ask the question, “What is this going to cost?” Being able to see and understand the total cost of ownership is paramount. There is value beyond the cost per kilowatt, with an expanded digital footprint comes expanded security, management, maintenance and cooling implications. Full transparency leads to simple and clear understanding of pricing/billing.

Proven Operational ExcellenceIt can never fail

Successful, innovative companies continue to drive how we interact with the world and they need a partner they can trust and that understands their pain points. We know how these companies work because we have been delivering Hyperscale deployment (some in excess of 100 megawatts) in existing and new properties for more than 10 years. We have a deeper understanding and appreciation of what challenges Hyperscale providers face because we have those same obstacles - from a deep understanding of networking and fiber, to being a responsible consumer of energy and a sustainability.

VisibilityI need to know what is going on at all times

In the Hyperscale landscape, on-demand access to data is required to make pivotal decisions and be able to respond to rapidly evolving conditions. It is a full-time job to stay up to date with your managed services, hosting, clouds and colocation environments. A customer portal has traditionally served as the mechanism to view an IT environment, however (like with most things) we need more. QTS recently launched our automated service delivery platform, which leverages digitization and service-based integrated technology that delivers optics and controls that maximize performance through a single pane of glass.

QTS is uniquely qualified to deliver tailored IT infrastructure solutions meeting the needs of hyperscale IT, enterprise and multi tenant enterprise and government customers. Our track record of customer service and commitment to world-class technologies, expertise and infrastructure, is a key differentiator in this constantly evolving landscape. Contact us to learn more about QTS Hyperscale.
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