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October 20, 2017

Cybersecurity Month: Planning Your Defense in Today’s Threat Landscape

Cybersecurity should be a top priority for businesses and individuals. Increasingly, cybersecurity is no longer a concern limited to IT companies and departments but a priority for every individual. As we continue through National Cyber Security Awareness Month--an initiative created by the Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance-- the data industry is focused on providing valuable resources designed not only for enterprises, but also individuals and families.

Malicious cyber activity is on the rise. NBC reports that “identity theft and fraud cost consumers more than $16 billion” in 2016 and this form of crime impacted more than 15 million people. These staggering figures are trending upward, with the Identity Theft Resource Center reporting this week that the total number of data breaches in 2017 has surpassed 1,100 breaches, with 171,588,466 digital records compromised year-to-date. IT professionals are being challenged to defend against increasingly sophisticated attacks and around-the-clock attempts to steal sensitive data.

Business leaders understand the advanced nature of today’s threat landscape. According to the most recent National Center for the Middle Market report, 86 percent of companies attach some level of importance to cybersecurity, but 30 percent currently have no defined strategy, and an additional 25 percent have an outdated one. This gap between priorities and protection leaves many organizations and individuals vulnerable to attack.

The National Cyber Security Alliance partnered with The Department of Homeland Security in 2004 to combat cybercrime and help individuals bolster their defenses. Since its conception 14 years ago, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month has been focused on cultivating a sense of responsibility on the part of the individual and the business. Every October, the IT community engages consumers and business leaders to “make the internet safer and more secure for everyone.”

Cybersecurity should be top of mind year-round and the NCSA offers a multitude of resources to help you remain vigilant 365 days a year. The NCSA provides resources including tip sheets, infographics and social materials that provide valuable information to help you protect your data. In addition, NSCA has released this guide detailing what to expect throughout the rest of the month as well as more details about the background of Cybersecurity Month.

You can contribute to the conversation with the hashtag #CyberAware and use #ChatSTC every Thursday for discussions highlighting each week’s theme.

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