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Yoshi Furuta, QTS Product Manager January 25, 2018

Budget Challenges and Hybrid Cloud Migrations: Launch a Proof of Concept Project with this New AWS Marketplace Service

The movement is real and the shift is significant. In fact, you’re probably getting tired of hearing about it. Enterprises are moving away from running their own data centers and rapidly heading towards outsourced hybrid cloud operating models where some applications run in the public cloud while others run on dedicated servers in a private, third-party data center. It’s also becoming common practice to see applications share resources between the two environments. For example, running cloud-ready, stretch database applications on dedicated servers that are capable of leveraging low cost, readily scalable cloud storage from CSPs like Amazon, Google or Microsoft for real-time access to warm or cold storage data.

If you’re not already operating this way, then you’re probably planning on operating this way in the not too distant future. However, if you work for a typical, enterprise-sized company, the process of securing funding for something like a cloud migration project can be anything but fast and easy. Unless, of course, you’ve been training for the next episode of American Ninja Warrior and have experience tackling Navy Seal-like obstacle courses.

So, here’s a fresh spin on an established practice to get your company behind the idea of a cloud migration initiative. Conduct a proof of concept test to demonstrate that a hybrid cloud operating model will function, perform and reduce costs as effectively as you think it can. Once armed with some test data and demo-able use cases, the process of getting your finance department and c-suite decision-makers to approve additional investment will be a walk in the park compared to going in armed with nothing more than a PowerPoint deck and some “what if” ideas.

And how do you pay for this such that you don’t have to go through the cumbersome and lengthy P.O. request process? Well, now it’s quick and easy on the AWS Marketplace with the swipe of a credit card.  And, no, I’m not talking about public cloud services or managed hosting.  Those services have been orderable online with a credit card for years now. 

I’m talking about a new product that we’ve launched called CloudRamp. It’s on-demand colocation that is pre-built, pre-connected to AWS, orderable online and included on your AWS bill along with your cloud services as a month-to-month charge that you can cancel at any time. We've anticipated your need for flexibility and speed, partnering with AWS to offer a brand new service offering in the evolving hybrid cloud market. We like to call it Cloud-Ready Colo and it’s a first for AWS, for QTS and, as far as we know, for anyone in the IT services space. This solution is easily orderable on the AWS Marketplace.

But, I can do that with other managed cloud service providers, can’t I? Well, no. Not really. Sure, you can run a hybrid cloud proof of concept on one of their dedicated managed hosting servers, but it comes at a cost. First you won’t necessarily have the flexibility to select the exact server and network specifications and configurations that will work best for you. Second, it will also cost you in terms of physical access and control over your computing environment. Last, but not least,in the long run it could end up costing you more dollars if you plan on keeping some workloads on dedicated servers. After all, those monthly managed hosting charges add up quickly unless you’re planning on offsetting that expense with staff reductions.

So, if your end goal is to get out of the in-house data center management business and take full advantage of everything the AWS Cloud offers but (and this is the important part) not give up control or ownership over workloads that you’d rather keep in a dedicated environment, then CloudRamp is for you.

To recap, QTS CloudRamp gives you on-demand, cloud-connected, colo cabinets that are move-in ready and easily orderable online through the AWS Marketplace. Best of all, you get your colo and cloud services on one AWS bill and can cancel at any time. And, yes, they take credit cards. What’s not to like?

Learn more about our partnership with AWS or contact us to learn more about our full suite of integrated solutions. 


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Yoshi Furuta, QTS Product Manager


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