Going Verticle


October 12th marked the rise of the first steel beam at QTS Ashburn. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another. By the end of the weekend, our two dimensional plot of land, tubing, and foundation was transformed into a portion of the metallic skeleton that will ultimately shape and define the experience of our initial customers.



Thanks to the its modular design, QTS Ashburn will be able to offer commissioned power and white space well ahead of the building’s completion. This creates a unique opportunity for customers to adopt aggressive deployment timelines and continue to grow within the same environment and facility.


Rapid deployment, ultimate flexibility, and unparalleled transparency mark the tenants of the QTS’ hyperscale offering. With QTS Ashburn located in the heart of the internet and its direct access to diverse carriers and connectivity options, it is an ideal choice for large-scale and rapidly growing enterprise and cloud-based companies.