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December 07, 2017

Tilt Walls

All facets of our Ashburn site have been accelerating over the last two weeks.

In addition to the formation of the Hyper Scale Acceleration Team, the pace on site at QTS Ashburn has hastened as well. We've added a QTS fence wrap...and you can't miss the precast concrete tilt walls literally "flying" across the site to find their home and seal off the first two quadrants of data center.



We're proud of the innovation in our design, but the innovation in our building process is equally as impressive. The coordination and precise logistical management have kept things on site moving smoothly. We've even been able to place 2-3 more wall panels per day than originally estimated. In the coming days, we'll even see these walls raised to the air and meticulously placed to serve as the exterior wall of the data center floor and the interior wall of the mechanical and electrical spaces.