QTS Ashburn: Powered By People

Here at QTS, we pride ourselves on being, “Powered By People.”

Every successful customer story, every solution, is a product of our people and their dedication to providing industry leading products and services to our customers.

As you’d imagine, the ability to deliver QTS Ashburn in a fraction of the time it takes to build a standard facility takes people. Our customers have come to expect the very best from our people, so our prospective and future clients can take comfort knowing that we’ve put the very best to work building our new Ashburn Mega Data Center.



Throughout the conception, design, build, and a quickly approaching commission date, our people have remained committed to bringing real innovation, speed, and flexibility to hyperscale companies.

We’re proud of our people and the value they bring to our organization. Better planning, implementation, and customer service doesn't have to hurt your bottom line. QTS’ REIT structure and low CapEx uniquely positions us to offer one of the industry’s broadest, most experienced teams without transferring those costs to the customer. With the value our people provide to customers, it’s important that we value them.

As the walls, roof, and floors continue to take shape, we thought it only appropriate to hold our team’s appreciation luncheon in the data center as the first official meal at QTS Ashburn.