QTS Talks Hyperscale at PTC

Each year thousands of members from the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) gather to plan, network, and direct the future of the industry. This year Sales Directors Michelle Forbes and Gina Gardner are attending to discuss the importance of large scale solutions for rapidly growing companies, also known as "Hyperscale Companies" or "Hyperscalers."



Sponsored and attended by nearly 50 companies and their thought leaders, PTC '18 draws domestic and international attention from across the industry early in the year as an opportunity to network and plan growth. For Hyperscalers this can entail evaluating a plethora of options based on timing, economics, and capability requirements. Here at QTS, we know that no two companies are the same and that, for those experiencing this type of growth, a trusted partner is essential.  

We understand that in order to meet the expansion requirements of Hyperscale Companies, we have to provide you with tools and solutions capable of accelerating your decision making process and business. Whether you need 12MW's of power now, 32MW's in a few months, or 100MW's in Q4 2018, QTS is committed to building, innovating, and solutioning so that you can keep pace with the demands of your business.