Data Center Frontier Visits QTS Ashburn


Data Center Frontier's Founder and Editor, Rich Miller, stopped by QTS Ashburn to talk hyperscale, industry outlook, and how our unique background here at QTS positions us in the marketplace. Our Executive Vice President of Sales, Tag Greason, met Rich on-site to talk through our approach in Ashburn, the hyperscale market, and the changing industry. 


Tag Greason (right) discusses the QTS Ashburn property development plan.


Greason shared that QTS Ashburn is the latest manifestation of QTS' ability to respond to an evolving market. Large and quickly growing cloud companies have been calling for specific locations, accelerated speeds to market, and aggressive economics. QTS Ashburn intentionally and directly addresses each of those requirements, but, as Greason shared, QTS' philosophy and experience with brown field, green field, and large scale facilities creates a necessary degree of customer driven flexibility, innovation, and organizational alignment. With an industry leading NPS score, QTS takes customer needs to heart and has even worked with a future tenant on design, delivery, and work schedule to allow for their early occupancy next month. 


Greason (left) and Miller (right) look over the construction site. 


Miller and Greason also discussed the attention Richmond is now receiving from the industry thanks to Telefonica's Marea cable and Facebook's data center investment. With more robust forms of connectivity coming to central Virginia, existing tax credits, and competitively priced real estate, QTS sees the coupling of Ashburn and Richmond facilities as a strong future in the Virginia data center industry. 


 Miller records Greason for the upcoming Data Center Fronteir feature of QTS.


Stay tuned for our feature on https://datacenterfrontier.com/ to see where we think the future of the market is headed and how QTS is uniquely qualified to succeed.