Suwanee Continues to Expand

Exciting developments are taking place at our Suwanee mega data center!

Exciting developments are taking place at our Suwanee mega data center!  Following the opening of ‘The Q’, an innovative training, professional development and event center in our Duluth office, QTS plans to convert a former auditorium space in its Suwanee facility into data center white space.  The newly constructed data hall will feature 7,000 sq ft of new white space and bring online an additional 1.2 MW of power capacity to the campus.  Construction is scheduled to begin as early as September and be completed during the first half of 2020.  The QTS Development team plans to take this expansion opportunity to enhance multiple facility amenities including the breakroom and data hall accessibility routes. 

QTS is always striving for innovation and this project is no different. This space will feature an advanced energy-efficient lighting solution providing better light quality, reduced clutter above racks, and eliminating a lighting electrical distribution system. The lights are affixed and powered directly from the busway, creating cost savings for customers and reducing installation and operational equipment.

In addition to incremental build-out within the current facility, this property features an additional 15 acres of adjacent land designated for future expansion.   If you are interested in the new space or would like to tour our Suwanee facility, please contact our sales team.