Why QTS / Podcast / Episode 2: Putting AI and Machine Learning into Action in the Data Center

Episode 2: Putting AI and Machine Learning into Action in the Data Center

December 11, 2019

Do you ever wonder what happens with the voluminous data associated with your colocation or hyperscale IT environment?  Do you wonder what could be if you were able access, analyze and apply artificial intelligence to it?

This podcast takes a look at how QTS customers are benefiting from QTS’ software defined data center and artificial intelligence engine.

QTS’ Chief Technology Officer, Jon Greaves, and QTS’ Chief Innovation Officer discuss the advancement of QTS’ software-defined data centers and real time service delivery platform. Over four years QTS has developed the platform that digitizes, aggregates and analyzes more than 4 billion data points (per day) across all of QTS’ customers IT environments. By applying AI and machine-learning data is presented through QTS’ robust user interface that includes mobile platforms.

Through policy-based automation of the digitized data and facilities infrastructure, QTS data center customers benefit from unprecedented levels of data transparency, real time analytics and trending, oversight and control of IT deployments, and the ability to provision new services in minutes.

Result? Operational savings and new business innovation and that are at the heart of this conversation.

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