Why QTS / Podcast / Episode 18: The Power of Green: Energy, Water, Waste with Travis Wright

Episode 18: The Power of Green: Energy, Water, Waste with Travis Wright

July 07, 2020

3% of the Earth’s produced energy is used by data centers; QTS consumes as much power as the entire country of Belize. In order to be more green, QTS decided to go all in on sustainability. On a mission to convert every QTS data center to 100% renewable power, QTS uses the 3 pillars of sustainability--power, water, waste--as a guide and made monumental changes while setting long term goals to maintain environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) to better local communities and the planet. At the forefront of this endeavor is our guest, Travis Wright.


About Our Guest:

Travis is the Vice President of Energy and Sustainability at QTS and is facilitating the move to utilizing 100% renewable energy. He explains the obstacles and challenges that arise in and out of the data center as well as the benefits that come with prioritizing sustainability. Being in charge of energy procurement and energy efficiency, Travis’s passion for energy and sustainability is apparent in his work. Spearheading the movement toward the human element of ESG, QTS plans to plant trees, build wells and libraries, sponsor children in need, and more to help build a better future. No company or quarterly goal is more important than the safety of our planet and those that inhabit it.

Join industry expert David McCall and Travis Wright as they dive deep into sustainability and energy on this week’s episode of the QTS Experience.