Why QTS / Podcast / Episode 27: Adapt or Face Extinction with Don Mitchell

Episode 27: Adapt or Face Extinction with Don Mitchell

September 16, 2020

Data Centers are literally where the ideas of the whole world live. Think about it – Cloud, eCommerce, Social Media – all of them live in a Data Center. Without a data center there is no distance learning or remote office. My guest Don Mitchell argues that data center design, operations, and build need to evolve right now or risk extinction – on the next QTS Experience.

About our Guest:

Don Mitchell has 20+ years in mission critical solution leadership in design, operation, and delivery in both in data centers, missile systems, and nuclear submarines. In his current role, Don manages the global business development and alignment of Victaulic business unit resources with data center industry needs for zero impact fire suppression, as well as innovation in cooling solution designs, optimizing delivery speed, system performance and reliability. Don has more than 15 years of experience in holistic data center solution development (power, cooling, monitoring, management), including hyper-scale, enterprise, and hybrid cloud solution environments.