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QTS was recently featured in Gartner's Colocation Solution Scorecard for Colocation Providers

"QTS receives scores high in the facilities, green and sustainability, security services, and connectivity categories. QTS offers customers an excellent choice when seeking highly dense network environments that are secure yet eco-friendly. QTS offers service transports between a customer's cage to another QTS-managed distribution panel located within the same QTS-managed data center."

Why QTS?

Gartner advised I&O technical professionals evaluating colocation providers for data center consolidation and modernization initiatives should:


Select QTS for use cases with North America presence requirements, robust network and security services, and if they are focused on green and sustainability initiatives.


Prioritize QTS when selecting colocation facilities and services where sustainability, customer experience and a robust service delivery platform are needed.


Accelerate hybrid transformation initiatives by leveraging a combination of QTS’ North America presence, SDN connectivity, customer support, security and compliance, and disaster recovery services.

Gartner confirms QTS' Differentiators - Connectivity, Premium Customer Experience, Innovation through Software-Defined Platform and Sustainability.

Connectivity/Network Services

QTS scored well by meeting 100% of the required network services requirements. QTS meets the criteria of six nines of network service SLA, network on demand (NoD), load balance, network firewalls and distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation. QTS Switchboard is a software-based networking service that enables the customer to order and provision connectivity through its SDP or published APIs. The service is fully automated and supports multiple virtual connections over one physical port. It supports multiple connectivity use cases, including connectivity within a QTS data center, connectivity between QTS data centers, connectivity to a carrier hotel and connectivity to CSPs primarily through an interconnect provider such as Megaport or PacketFabric.

Customer Satisfaction

QTS is focused on service delivery, with a self-reported NPS score of 80+. This correlates with Gartner's Peer Insights “Would Recommend” score of 94. QTS services a wide range of customers with high-touch requirements. It also supports hyperscalers, large-scale wholesale, all forms of enterprise, federal/state/local, and a variety of private and public cloud strategies.

Software-Defined Platform

Service delivery platform (SDP) is a software-defined, colocation orchestration platform enabling visibility into QTS data centers. Customers can view and self-manage their environment in real time through the use of APIs. Its API-first approach allows the SDP platform to be extensible. Customers can access QTS facilities and cloud infrastructures, products, and operational systems data. SDP applications include 3D Mapper, Asset Manager, Notification Center and Data Hall Sensor Analytics. Live heat maps allow customers to see outages in real time in addition to areas with potential and existing performance issues.


QTS scores high in the facilities, green and sustainability, security services, and connectivity categories QTS has commitment to green and sustainability initiatives of procuring 100% of its power from renewable energy sources by 2025 and is pursuing green building certifications in 90% of its facilities by 2025.

Gartner recommends QTS in situations where:

Gartner's bottom line assessment - "We recommend evaluating QTS for hybrid and hyperscale colocation scenarios."

You are looking for

a premiere North America colocation and megascale data center solution with dense connectivity options, a wide range of network services and high-touch customer service.

You require

a network environment with a range of SD-WAN, MPLS, transports, dark fiber, subsea cables and cloud access that can scale on-demand.

You require

network services with six nines of availability, NoD, load balancing, network firewalls and distributed DDoS mitigation.

You prefer

a service delivery platform that provides remote management with real-time visibility and control of your environment to enable better business decisions faster.

Gartner's Colocation Solution Scorecard for Colocation Provider: QTS

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