COVID-19 and the Need for a Resilient Internet

The internet has evolved to become the lifeblood of businesses worldwide. Businesses expect the internet to support their needs and deliver their services— without fail and without delay. This reliance on the internet positions downtime to be financially and operationally devastating to businesses and the IP carriers that service them. In fact, a 2019 ITIC report indicates that one-in-three organizations say the cost of an hour of downtime can exceed $1 million. There is a lot on the line when service disruptions rear their ugly heads. IP carriers must be prepared to manage these threats, especially in an atmosphere of rising risks from a variety of sources. To optimize uptime, IP carriers need to deploy routers in at least two unique facilities within a metro area. With multiple node sites, carriers can pick up or deliver traffic at an alternate facility if one site is compromised. This connectivity strategy mitigates risk to promote availability and maintain low-latency connections. It also introduces competition into a financial stalemate that has allowed carrier hotels to dictate costs without negotiation. Diversification changes this landscape to promote a resilient and more cost-effective connectivity ecosystem.