Step Into Our Data Centers

"Step" inside the walls of three of our newest data centers to learn how we build award-winning, sustainable data centers with risk-adjusted connectivity ecosystems across the country. In this live virtual tour series, our executive leadership teams will discuss the economic and tax advantages of each region and the unique value you receive as a QTS Customer. 

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Hillsboro, OR 

Discover the many advantages of colocating with QTS in Hillsboro, Oregon. Home to the renowned Silicon Forest, Hillsboro is a fast emerging data center region that offers generous tax incentives, inexpensive property costs, green energy, favorable climate and mature network density.  

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Atlanta, GA

Atlanta has been called the “The Capital of the Southeast” and for good reason. It has outgrown and outpaced the nation’s best-known metropolitan areas with continued growth and innovation.

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Ashburn-Shellhorn, VA

Ashburn, Virginia is the nation’s largest data center market and home to several QTS award-winning mega data centers.  With unmatched fiber infrastructure, reasonable energy costs, and lucrative tax incentives, Ashburn is a preferred location for data center operations nationwide and globally.

It has become critically important that your data center provider be able to scale as your business scales - with compute, power, and capacity - but also with the resilient connectivity customers demand. QTS meets this criteria. We are unique in our ability to provide and grow risk-adjusted connectivity ecosystems within our own data centers. This ensures access and connectivity to the world's largest cloud providers, the world's largest IP networks, network access points, fiber providers, diverse transport paths and subsea cables from our footprint of mega data centers.

The Great pacific northwest

Hillsboro, Oregon | Move-In Ready!

Hillsboro serves as a gateway between Silicon Valley and greater Seattle, allowing network accessibility to both markets and the growing data needs in the Pacific Northwest. The Hillsboro Data Center Ring links more than 25 carriers, boosting network efficiency and reducing service costs. This ring connects to several transpacific subsea cables, which are vital for future expansion and extended reach with regions like China, Japan, South Korea and Oceania.


Immediate availability, Data Center 1 - 158,000 sq. ft., 24 MW


Campus design with options for hybrid colocation deployments and large scale custom tenant designs.


Purpose-built data center campus with 5 planned buildings.


Multiple dark fiber rings on-net.


100% renewable energy campus.


Enables bypass of Portland Pittock Carrier Hotel

data center alley

Ashburn - Shellhorn | Immediate Availability

Our Ashburn campus is comprised of three mega data centers (Broderick, Moran and Shellhorn) offering an invaluable connectivity ecosystem built on top of the world’s densest fiber network.  Designed to meet rapid large-scale deployments, QTS Ashburn-Shellhorn offers one of the most flexible and efficient builds in the region with significant capacity for long-term growth.


Immediate availability, Building 1 - 306,834 sq. ft., 42 MW


Campus design with options for hybrid deployments and large scale custom tenant designs


Purpose-built data center campus with 2 planned buildings


Obstruction free data halls (no columns), ideal for large enterprise deployments

heart of atlanta

Campus Expansion | Data Center 2 | Move-In Ready!

QTS is the market leader in Atlanta, with nearly half of the colocation market share in our local data centers. Numerous factors show that Atlanta is a highly desirable location for colocation customers and data centers alike. Between the low cost of plentiful power, the low risk from natural disasters, the business-friendly climate and rich interconnection ecosystem, Atlanta has emerged as one of the top data center markets in the United States. 


120 MW in-grid, owned substation with significant expansion capability


Owned land for campus expansion


One of the most strategic, interconnected sites in the entire Southeast


Access to all major public clouds via major SDN providers