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Gartner - Solution Comparison for Colocation Providers Published 21 August 2019 ID G00374420 By Matthew Brisse

According to Gartner, "Selecting a colocation provider is a multidimensional, complex task with far-reaching financial and business implications impacting data center, cloud and edge strategies. This research helps I&O technical professionals compare four leading colocation providers including QTS."

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Gartner Research: "Solution Comparison for Colocation Providers" Report states the following: 

on customer service

"Customer focus, leveraging NPS metrics: Strong focus on service delivery, with a high NPS score of 75 for service and NPS of 95 for implementation. Measures NPS scores weekly and publishes the data on its website"

on solutions

"Service-oriented organization servicing a wide range of customers with high-touch requirements. Supports hyperscalers, large-scale wholesale, all forms of enterprise, federal/state/local, and a variety of private and public cloud strategies"

on service delivery platform

"QTS is working on digitizing the entire colocation experience by taking a cloud-based approach to colocation. SDP is a fully integrated, software-defined orchestration platform that provides real-time control, power management, performance and predictive analytics. SDP is being accessed and used by over 16,000 users. This hybrid-based delivery platform provides real-time visibility and access to colocation and cloud infrastructures, products and operational systems data"

on sustainability

Gartner's Solution Comparison for Colocation Providers Report states:

Gartner - Solution Comparison for Colocation Providers | Published 21 August 2019

Green Data Centers

"Currently, 32% of facilities use 100% renewable energy sourced, with annual green power usage at 340,478,000 kWh. QTS published its first environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives report for 2018. It is one of the first to set measurable ESG goals and make the reports publicly available"

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LEED Certified

"Data centers designated as green is dependent on certification perspective and location. Additionally, its green initiatives include procuring 100% of power from renewable energy sources by 2025 and pursuing LEED certification in 90% of QTS facilities by 2025. Currently only eight facilities locations have LEED certification. Three facilities have 100% renewable sourced power and seven have water conservation facilities"

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EPA Ranking

"QTS ranks 40th in the EPA’s Green Power Partnership National Top 100 (fourth among data center providers, see Green Power Partnership Top 30 Tech & Telecom”). With an annual green power usage (kWh) of 340,478, representing 32% of QTS’ total electric uses, leveraging green power resources from wind power"

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Gartner's report recommends QTS for companies who, "are a small to large organization or CSP that wishes to leverage a colocation facility for single cabinets, cages or multiple cages, multiple data centers or purpose-built facilities mainly within the United States"

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