Net Promoter Score (NPS)

NPS judges the likelihood that QTS customers will purchase again or recommend QTS services to another company as judged by an ongoing independent survey of its customer base.  

Industry-Leading Rankings for Customer Support

QTS is proud to report we achieved an industry-best NPS score of 88, nearly twice that of the closest data center company.

Independently Administered

The Net Promoter Score customer survey is independently administered and calculates overall customer satisfaction and brand perception.

Innovation Driving Differentiation

QTS’ SDP is enabling new levels of innovation in how customers interact with their data contributing to even higher levels of satisfaction.

Customer Rankings

QTS ranked high in customer service, physical facilities, processes, responsiveness and the 24-hour Operations Service Center.

Net Promoter Score - Rolling 12 Month Average
Our Score 
National Average
Net Promoter Score chart

Compare QTS against the industry

QTS' target of 80 or above is inline with NPS scores of companies well-known for their customer service including Starbucks Corporation and Apple Inc. and is approximately double the average NPS score for data centers companies.

QTS employee giving data center tour
Fully Commited to our Customers

As one of the fastest growing companies in the data center services sector, QTS differentiates itself through the strength of our Powered by People platform and consistent premium service to every customer at each of our software-defined data centers.

Track Record of Leadership

2019 marked the fourth consecutive year QTS has led the data center industry in NPS

Exceeds Better Known Brands

QTS’ current score of 88 exceeds NPS scores of larger consumer brands known for their customer service including Starbucks (71) and Apple (72)

All Time High

QTS customer-centric approach and Service Delivery Platform pushed our 2018 NPS score to a new all-time high (75)