Hillsboro Network Access Point

Where data center, subsea fiber and terrestrial networks converge in the Northwest

Hillsboro features a rich tapestry of existing fiber networks, transport networks, internet exchanges and SDN networks and access to subsea cables serving thousands of customers. 

This is a tremendous match: QTS is known as a leading software-defined data center, and the City of Hillsboro is known as a global hub for innovation and technology Dan Dias | Hillsboro Economic and Community Development Director
local connectivity to global infrastructure

QTS' new 250 megawatt campus delivers access and connectivity to the world's largest cloud providers, the world's largest IP networks, fiber providers, diverse transport paths and transpacific subsea cables.

Hillsboro Ring

The NAP is on-net to the Hillsboro Ring that includes several ultra-high count, low latency dark fiber optic rings that serve the area and provides the lowest-cost dark fiber access to cable landing stations of multiple trans-Pacific subsea cable systems.


QTS Hillsboro is powered by 100% renewable energy, as part of our mission to procure 100% of our power from energy sources by 2025.

Peering & Interconnection

QTS NAPS are the ideal data centers where services utilizing subsea cables can peer and interconnect, making them the ideal ubiquitous global interconnection hubs in the U.S.

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phase one complete

Phase One for the Hillsboro NAP

Next generation design and plans for a five building campus includes the following specifications.

Building Specifications

188,000 square feet of current space with 24 megawatts of power.

Data Center Campus

Planned five mega data centers totaling approximately 1.5 million gross square feet.


At full capacity, the campus will have one million square feet of leasable capacity and more than 250 megawatts of gross power capacity.