New Jersey Network Access Point

Where data center, subsea fiber and terrestrial networks converge in the Northeast

The NJ NAP located in Piscataway, NJ is an infrastructure rich, carrier neutral data center encompassing 360,000 gross square feet and 26 megawatts of critical power capacity with room to expand to more than 40 megawatts.

About the nJ NAP

The NJ NAP is a robust ecosystem for financial services, healthcare, gaming and other global content producers seeking flexibility, redundancy and stability. Our site features a multitude of IP, fiber and cloud access networks and direct access to 10 transatlantic subsea cables including the new AEC-2.

Diverse Connectivity

Diverse connectivity for every type of colocation customer including carrier-neutral cloud interconnection.

In-Building Access

In-building access to every significant carrier in the region.

Diverse Fiber Entrances

The number of fiber entrances.

Peering Exchanges

Third party neutral internet peering exchanges.

Direct Access

Direct access to leading cloud ecosystems.


Powered by 100% renewable energy.

Connectivity Ecosystem

Network providers in the NJ NAP allow customers to leverage geographically diverse network paths across the Northeast including multiple crossings from Manhattan to NJ and unique and diverse paths to the QTS Richmond NAP.

geography matters

Situated 42 miles from the cable landing stations and 35 miles from New York City, the NJ NAP is a geographically strategic and proven option for traditional network designs that typically run through carrier hotels in New York and New Jersey. During Hurricane Sandy, the New Jersey NAP experienced zero downtime.

QTS NAPs are the ideal data centers where services utilizing subsea cables can peer and interconnect, making them the ideal ubiquitous global interconnection hubs in the U.S.

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