QTS Service Delivery Platform 

You no longer need to be in the data center to know what's going on in the data center!  

Visualize. Manage. Optimize.

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Data Transparency

Our approach to data transparency is unique; we provide every customer with data sets relevant to their environment as we see them ourselves – in real time.  By digitizing our facilities and applying advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning and predictive analytics, data becomes actionable – producing dramatically improved efficiencies for our clients.

Real-Time Analytics and Trending

Anytime access to critical infrastructure metrics including power draw and sensor readings help optimize your environment. Be informed as circuits and enclosures approach threshold with automated notifications.

Oversight and Control of Your Deployments

We've integrated badging systems so you always have visibility into who is at the data center and when and where badges have been scanned. Badge activity and temporary visitor reports are available self-service on-demand.

Provision New Services in Minutes

Order and provision cross connects, Switchboard services, and Remote Hands service subscriptions in minutes. SDP streamlines ordering, contracting and provisioning workflows into one fully automated, paperless process.

Maintain Control of Your Environment, Remotely.

Remote Hands & Data Center Services

Leverage our onsite technicians to maintain and service your physical assets and other data center services such as shipping and installation. Use SDP to open and manage tickets 24/7.

Rapid Cloud Deployment

Self-provision virtual connections to AWS, Azure and Google clouds and between 12 QTS data centers in minutes. Consistent, transparent, competitive pricing.

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Scale Your Connectivity

Self-order cross connects at your convenience - to clouds, carriers and internet/peering exchanges.  View blended internet usage via SDP.

Live, 3D View

View your exact floor plan with rack and cabinet positions. Identify available floor and rack space on-demand.

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Power Draw

View power draw by location, enclosure, rack and circuits.  Opt-in for automated alerts when thresholds approach 80%

Remote Badge Request

Request and deactivate badges from your phone; pull badge usage and temporary visitor reports

SDP is a game changer because it allows customers to monitor all IT deployments remotely from a mobile device and drill down to the server level in a rack to monitor every data point a technician would normally access in person. Brad Thomas | Forbes 

See What Your Data Can Do For You, Request a Demo of SDP.

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Live, 3D Digital Model of Your Environment

3D Mapper Visualization App

Through digitization and integration, we build a live, interactive, digital model of your unique environment that displays in real-time.   Using facility CAD drawings as the foundation, we add layers of critical electrical, security, power, sensor, and asset data enabling a holistic view of how your environment is operating, available on-demand. 

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What is SDP?

Learn about our real-time data center management and optimization platform within this interactive brochure. (Best viewed in Chrome. Not compatible with IE).

What SDP Can Do for You

Use our suite of apps and tools to manage and optimize your environment daily.

3D Mapper

With 3D Mapper, you no longer need to be onsite to have insight. 3D Mapper is a visualization app that builds a dynamic digital model of your physical environment in real-time and embeds layers of critical data providing a holistic view with associated actionable data.

User Management

Assign and deactivate users and site access on-demand and from mobile devices. Set granular levels of permissions and privileges by role and site, ensuring approved users only access information and deployments. Self-service comprehensive badge usage reports.

Service Desk

Managing day-to-day service tasks is simpler and quicker with new one-click shortcuts directly from the new SDP Dashboard. Use QTS Mobile after business hours and weekends and while you're onsite at the data center!

Power Analytics

View and access real-time power draw metrics by location, suite, cage, rack, circuit and pole. This powerful app provides the insight Engineers and Data Center Managers need for improved capacity planning, space allocation, and circuit and pole balancing efforts. Self-service reporting available.

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Online Ordering

Save time and deploy quicker by ordering cross connects and Switchboard services on line. Connect with our ecosystem of data centers, carriers and AWS, Azure and Google clouds in minutes.

Asset Manager

This intelligent self-service app enables users to catalog and manage equipment, assign rack elevations and specify cable mapping and network settings for collocated assets and VMs in one place. Fully integrated with new 3D Mapper app!