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  • QTS: Data Centers Powered By People

    QTS people power our data centers and empower your business.  See how our people help support your business.

  • QTS Unique Product Portfolio

    QTS recognizes that a varied infrastructure is needed to support both legacy and emerging applications and offers a complete, unique portfolio of data center services, including C1: Custom Data Center, C2: Colocation, and C3: Cloud & Managed Services. 

  • QTS Enterprise & QTS Federal Cloud

    The New QTS Enterprise Cloud and QTS Federal Cloud - secure, compliant, and free for 60 days. Get the details on this link. 

  • National Footprint of Mega Data Centers

    QTS Offers a coast-to-coast, national portfolio of state-of-the-art data centers.  Your data center requirements can be met by QTS in any region of the country.    Customers can choose from all of our high-performance 3C products, custom data center, colocation, and cloud services, in any region of the country.  Those with large footprint and power requirements as well as those seeking high-security environments also can choose from a number of the company’s data centers to achieve those objectives.   

 Custom Data Center

Build To SuitPowerBank™