Community in Action

Possibilities are endless where unity in diversity exists

The foundation of QTS is servant leadership and a fundamental belief that each individual is worthy of respect, dignity and freedom, and when individuals feel included they are more creative, fulfilled and ultimately successful in their lives and careers. The spirit of Community in Action (CIA) is rooted in the QTS Core Values of community and a bias towards action, and CIA’s purpose shall be to enrich the employee experience for all QTSers by continuing to foster a diverse culture that encourages us to bring our entire selves to work.

CIA Leadership Team

The CIA Leadership team ensures the mission of CIA is carried out daily and is inclusive company wide.

Rasheed Mustakeem


Krissti Turpeau


Chuma Obi

Mentorship & Service

Alexis Cooper

Social Media & Events

Michael Walker


Kendra Battle


Tieara Long

Data Analytics

Kelly Michael


Melissa Grant

Special Projects

Elizabeth Baldwin

Education & Training

Bryan Darby

Executive Sponsor

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