Community in Action

Possibilities are endless where unity in diversity exists

The foundation of QTS is servant leadership and a fundamental belief that each individual is worthy of respect, dignity and freedom, and when individuals feel included they are more creative, fulfilled and ultimately successful in their lives and careers. The spirit of Community in Action (CIA) is rooted in the QTS Core Values of community and a bias towards action, and CIA’s purpose shall be to enrich the employee experience for all QTSers by continuing to foster a diverse culture that encourages us to bring our entire selves to work.

CIA Leadership Team

The CIA Leadership team ensures the mission of CIA is carried out daily and is inclusive company wide.

Rasheed Mustakeem


Ranisha Strickland


Ghina Buckley

Vice President

Krissti Turpeau


Santiago Escobar


Michael Walker

VET Liaison

Kendra Battle

Family Life

Lisa Spencer

Q-Community Liaison

Megan Hofmeyer


Melissa Grant

WIL Liaison

Elizabeth Baldwin

Education & Training

Bryan Darby

Executive Sponsor

Kate Tioaquen

Wellness Liaison

Nicole Williams

Outreach and Employee Engagement

Suntina Hinton

Mentorship and Service

The Year Up Program

Precious Samuel

Year Up Graduate

Knowing that she wanted opportunities that were aligned with her Associate's degree in Computer Networking, Precious applied for the Year Up program, started her Year Up journey, and found her dream career path.  "I'm grateful to QTS for investing in the Year Up program, and supporting the community. That is something that does a lot more for us than QTS can ever imagine, just giving people a chance to prove and better themselves. A lot of times that's all that somebody needs. Just having that program in place, and QTS believing in that - I'm very grateful."

Antany Baines

Year Up Graduate

Antany says, "Year Up taught me proper time management, proper ways of differing my workload, so I didn't over encumber myself, or put too much on my plate."  Antany gained additional skills while in the Year Up program, such as paying attention to detail and becoming a team player. Focusing on details immensely helped Antany while interning as a DCO tech, because it allowed him to ensure projects are thoroughly laid out. 

Kona Cooper

Year Up Graduate

Kona attributes five skills to her driving success with both her Year Up journey, and internship with QTS. She says that her communication, leadership, empathy, integrity, and administrative skills have assisted in her success. More specifically, the teachers in the Year Up program have helped her cultivate and improve upon these skills. While her internship with QTS has allowed her to put these skills to use in the workplace. Within her short time at QTS Kona feels at home. She states, "I feel welcomed, and it's a really good company. I will say this, even though it can be overwhelming, the culture at QTS is so welcoming, so half the time I forget that I'm not even being paid to do the work. You won't find that at most companies." 

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