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QTS Federal, LLC

Delivering compliant and secure enterprise colocation solutions specific to the needs of U.S. government agencies for over 15 years. 

Federal data center solutions

A U.S. Owned and Operated Data Center Provider

QTS Federal, LLC, a leading enterprise data center provider, is dedicated to prioritizing the requirements of the U.S. federal government. By investing in both skilled personnel and specialized infrastructure, we ensure optimal support and tailored solutions for government workloads at all levels of classification.

Dedicated Federal Facilities

Cutting-edge infrastructure strategically positioned in high-priority  mission locations, exclusively tailored for federal agencies and organizations handling demanding AI and HPC workloads. Our portfolio includes facilities 100% dedicated to federal workloads.

Federal Assurance Team

Dedicated team of highly experienced federal assurance experts, comprised of former government accrediting officials and security directors with decades of experience designing, building, and operating secure facilities at all levels of classification.

Security & Compliance

The QTS Federal Freedom data center design is a standardized, flexible, and modular design that combines specific federal security and compliance components with best-in-class performance data center design. 

Thought leadership

The QTS Federal Freedom Design is a standard for building and operating data centers specifically for federal government clients, combining the IT essentials of space, power, cooling and connectivity, with highly complaint security and operational excellence.

Why QTS Federal Data Center Solutions?

QTS enables government agencies and organizations to take advantage of the benefits of as-a-service commercial data centers to support emerging technologies. 

Utilizing Commercial Data Centers

Operating a modern data center is expensive and requires specialized skills and processes that must keep pace with changing technology requirements. QTS Federal possesses a highly trained and expert team dedicated to supporting IT infrastructure.

Enabling Mission Critical Technologies (AI, HPC and High Density)

Rapidly deploying capabilities leveraging AI, HPC and other emerging technologies is a national security priority. Through the utilization of QTS federal data centers, agencies can modernize, scale rapidly and align their resources towards more mission-critical priorities. 

Federal-Only Focus

Highlighting the significance of security and operational prerequisites for federal workloads, our federal-only facilities exclusively serve clients supporting U.S. federal government programs. This assurance provides organizations with confidence that there are no foreign entities within the premises.

strategic locations

Geographic separation, multiple energy grids, diverse network connectivity

We have strategically allocated sites exclusively for government clients. Our innovative Federal Freedom design prioritizes security, and our commitment extends to acquiring and preserving landing in areas crucial to government missions.

federal it solution experts

QTS has a specialized team of federally focused engineers, technicians, compliance and IT professionals. As a company we have strong commitment to hiring veterans to fulfill these important roles.

Over 21 percent of our staff comes from a military service background and we put a priority on the men and women who served us by helping them transition into the civilian workforce.