Data Center Rules & Regulations


In addition to any other rules and regulations observed by the applicable QTS Affiliate [1] (“QTS”), the following facility site rules and regulations must be upheld by all customer personnel (“Customer”) and contracted service personnel of Customer or QTS (including contractors and subcontractors, together “Contractor”) working at or on the land and/or data center buildings of QTS or those utilized by QTS (“Data Center or Building”).


Customers and Contractors are required to follow the standards, designs, and installation criteria of QTS. The Data Center Rules and Regulations (together “Rules”) are applicable at all QTS Data Centers.  No deviation or exception to the Rules will be permitted without the express written approval of the Site Director, Security Operations Manager, Federal Security Manager, QTS Data Center Operations Manager or Site Director’s designee (“Manager”).  For purposes of these Rules, “Data Center Floor” shall mean the secure raised floor space or slab floor housing network and/or IT equipment.


On-premises Work


On-site supervision of Customer and Contractor personnel by a Manager or with respect to Contractor personnel supervision is required by a Permanent Badge Holder (as defined below) whenever work is performed at the Data Center. All work must follow the site rules and standard design criteria provided by QTS, which will be reviewed and approved by a Manager. Before work is approved or commences, written work descriptions, method of procedures, statements of work, specifications, drawings, and submittals are required for review and approval. Emergency work may be scheduled on a case-by-case basis, subject to the rules set forth in this document.

  1. Anyone found tampering with or working on any building operations system WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION will be immediately removed from the Data Center and the offending party will be held liable for any damages or any operating costs associated with their actions.
  2. Any work involving paint, glue, paste, or odor-causing activities MUST be scheduled AFTER HOURS, in the Manager’s reasonable discretion.
  3. The entry doors to Electrical, Mechanical, MDF, and Data Center rooms, and stairwells shall be kept closed at all times except to the extent a Manager or member of security provides permission to keep an entry door open.
  4. Only radios used for communication are allowed.
  5. Materials containing combustibles or volatile organic compounds (“VOCs”) are prohibited from use.
  6. Sawing, grinding, welding, or torch-cutting is not permitted without approval by Manager.
  7. Hammering, drilling, or similar coring and/or concrete-penetration activities are not permitted without prior approval by Manager.
  8. Emergency work will be scheduled on a case-by-case basis as approved by Manager and applicable permitting approved at the site.
  9. Any complaint of noise or odor will constitute a basis to stop the project immediately to ascertain steps necessary to eliminate the noise or odor. Additional work may continue after hours, at Customer’s or Contractor’s expense.Customer or Contractor may be penalized if the noise or odor contributes to the project being completed late or off-schedule; such penalty to be determined by Manager.
  10. Parking shall be in designated areas only as determined by Manager.


Precautionary Measures

  1. Customer and Contractor must maintain the highest professional standard of service workmanship in all QTS facilities, which will be acceptable to Manager’s sole discretion. Customer and Contractor will correct all work that Manager deems to be unsatisfactory at their sole expense.
  2. Customers and Contractors must work with great diligence and caution to avoid service interruption to the Data Center Floor and its systems and damage to the Data Center, and to protect building finishes. Any outage or damages that occur must be reported to Manager and be repaired by offending party in a manner acceptable to Manager, or damage will be repaired at cost determined by Manager and the offending party will be held financially responsible.
  3. Customer and Contractor, in addition to conforming with safety procedures generally employed in performing work, will abide by all QTS safety and security regulations for the Data Center, as well as all federal, state, and local laws and regulations relating to safety and security.
  4. Customer and Contractor must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  5. Any equipment used or installed by the Customer and Contractor must be approved by the Manager, and be UL listed (or equivalent).



Customer and Contractor Personnel

  1. Customer and Contractor employees are employees of the respective Customer or Contractor and not the employees of QTS or Manager. These Rules will not establish any relationship of partnership, employment, franchise or agency.
  2. Customer and Contractor are expressly forbidden to use lobby entries to bring in tools or materials.
  3. The passenger elevators are not to be used to move materials.
  4. Customer and Contractor must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, including but not limited to:

             No abusive/foul language will be tolerated. This includes all languages.

  5. Customer and Contractor must treat QTS and its employees with the utmost courtesy and respect. QTS must treat Customer and Contractor with the utmost courtesy and respect.
  6. Any problems or special requests from QTS or its employees are to be immediately reported to Manager. All work activities performed are to be coordinated solely by Manager.
  7. Telephones in shared customer areas and kiosks are for Customer use. Contractor may use telephones only with prior approval of Manager.
  8. All workers must be properly and visibly identified at all times. Badges provided by QTS are to be displayed at all times while at the Data Center.
  9. Manager reserves the right to remove Customer or Contractor personnel from Manager’s list of approved customer and contractor personnel should the above rules not be followed.
  10. Manager has the right to require Customer or Contractor to remove from its work force at any QTS location any person deemed incompetent, careless, or otherwise objectionable, or any person whose actions are deemed to be contrary to public interests or inconsistent with the best interest of QTS, Manager or the Data Center.
  11. Offenses that will result in an immediate request for exclusion and exclusion from a Data Center include, but are not limited to:

        Drinking of any beverages on the Data Center Floor or coming to the Data Center in an intoxicated condition.

        Possessing or consuming of alcohol, drugs or other illegal substances while at the Data Center.

      Using or removing QTS’, Manager’s, or their employees’ possessions from the Data Center without prior authorization. Contractor or Customer shall be responsible and shall reimburse Manager for any and all pilferage of the Data Center or its contents by Contractor or Customer.

        Violating any federal, state, or local statutes or safety codes while working at the Data Center.

        Possessing weapons or firearms while inside the Data Center.

         Accepting commissions, kickbacks, or fees from any vendors, tenants, or contractors involved in providing a service or product to the Data Center.

       Physically abusing or harming any individual who works at or visits the Data Center.

       Duplicating any keys used on the Data Center.

        Providing access at any time to the Data Center to anyone not on the approved access list or with a proper visitor ticket.

         Failing to enter and exit the Data Center through the proper entrance using your own badge (i.e. no tailgating is permitted).

      Storing flammable substances on the Data Center without approval in writing by Manager and not in accordance with approved building codes and regulations.

         Interviewing job applicants or subcontractors on-site without prior approval by Manager.

         Propping doors open or holding doors open to the degree that such will cause an alarm or jeopardize security without prior approval of the Manager. Contractor or Customer shall be responsible for any charges resulting from such alarms and security violations.

         Working in unauthorized areas or without authorization.

12.  Customer and Contractor agree to abide by and follow the Rules. All exceptions to the Rules are subject to Manager’s discretion.


General Access


Persons desiring admission to the Data Center Floor on behalf of the Customer must be listed on the contracting company’s access roster (“Customer Access Roster”). Upon clearing the security station in the lobby, persons may enter the Data Center.

To access the Data Center Floor, visitors are required to present one of the following three forms of identification:

Falsifying or withholding one’s identity or refusing to cooperate with security personnel is a violation of these Rules.

Anyone reasonably requested to leave the Data Center for a violation of these Rules must peacefully do so immediately.


Certificate of Insurance


All Contractors performing work in the Data Center must provide QTS with a Certificate of Insurance naming QualityTech, LP, as an additional insured. An updated Certificate of Insurance must be provided to QualityTech, LP annually.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, these Rules shall be subordinate to the terms of any agreement signed by Contractor and QTS.




Single Point of Entrance: Customer and Contractor personnel are required to enter and exit through the main Security Desk (“Security”). This single point of entrance maximizes security for all QTS customers by ensuring positive identification of individuals entering the Data Center. A QTS identification badge (“Badge”) must be prominently displayed on your person at all times while on the Data Center.

Check-in/Check-out for Temporary Badge Access: Upon arrival, you must register your visit with security personnel at the front desk by presenting a government-issued ID or a QTS-issued badge. Upon verification, security personnel will enter a floor access ticket that records an individual’s visit and notifies security of your location on the Data Center Floor in the event of an emergency. Upon your departure, all personnel must return to security and close out your visit. If you are working at the Data Center for the day and need to depart and return multiple times, you must check in and check out with security each time you depart and return.

Check-in/Check-out for QTS-Issued Badge Holders:  Upon arrival, you must swipe your QTS-issued badge (“Permanent Badge”) at the badge reader to access the Data Center.  You must swipe your Permanent badge at the badge reader each time you depart and return.

Access by Customer to the Data Center Floor: If you desire admission to the Data Center Floor, you must be listed on the Customer Access Roster (i.e. – be a Permanent Badge holder or have a visitor access request approved in the QTS Reservation System / ServiceNow). If you do not have a Permanent Badge, you will be denied access unless your identity can be verified via the Customer Access Roster.   Upon verification, you will be issued a “Temporary Badge” and Data Center Operations (“DCO”) or security will escort you to the Data Center Floor.  Only those individuals with manage roster capabilities, as designated on the Customer Access Roster, have the authority to grant access to Customer’s licensed space. If you attempt to enter but are not listed on the Customer Access Roster, security will instruct you to contact your primary to authorize access with the Operations Service Center (“OSC”). If this authorization cannot be obtained, you will be denied access.

Access by Customer or Customer-approved Contractor to the Meet-Me-Room:  Customers are not permitted to access the physical telecommunication rooms in the Data Center (each a “Meet-Me-Room”) except to the extent the Customer licenses space from QTS in the Meet-Me-Room.   If the Customer licenses space from QTS in the Meet-Me-Room, all Customer and Customer-approved Contractors shall require a QTS escort to access the “Meet-Me-Room” at the then current Remote Hands fee.  A Remote Hands fee shall apply to "stay" escorts where QTS or security personnel stay with the Customer-approved Contractor/visitor/guest all times in the Meet-Me-Room.

Access by Customer-approved Contractors, Visitors and Guest: A QTS escort for a Customer-approved Contractor/visitor/guest to its customer space shall be subject to the then current Remote Hands fee.  A Remote Hands fee shall apply to "stay" escorts where QTS or security personnel stay with the Customer-approved Contractor/visitor/guest all times in the customer space and "drop" escorts where a Customer-approved Contractor/visitor/guest is dropped off at the customer space.

Badges: Fifteen badges are allowed for Customer at no additional charge. A $40 charge will be invoiced for each Temporary Badge that is printed over the allowed limit.  All badge requests must be submitted at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance and badges will be issued by appointment only.

Doors: Propping doors open or holding doors open to the degree that such will cause alarms to sound or jeopardize security is prohibited, without prior permission from a Manager or member of security. You must use your Temporary Badge or Permanent Badge at all security devices; tailgating and “piggy backing” are prohibited.

Keys: Duplicating keys used on the Data Center is prohibited.


Safety and Evacuation Rules


Permitted Access:  Children under the age of 16 are not allowed on the Data Center Floor.

Safety Issues: Work space and the Data Center Floor are to be clean, free of combustible materials, cardboard and the floors clear of obstructions. Subject to the terms of QTS’ master agreement or lease with Customer, QTS reserves the right to inspect space licensed and/or leased by Customer for compliance with respect this this section of the Rules. Public areas including corridors, freight elevators, and loading dock must remain clean at all times. Electrical rooms, mechanical rooms, and data center cabinets, cages, and suites may not to be used as storage rooms or staging areas.

Open-toed shoes/sandals/flip-flops are not permitted on the Data Center Floor. You must abide by all QTS safety and security regulations for the Data Center, as well as all federal, state, and local regulations.

Emergency Evacuation: If the emergency horns and strobes activate, YOU MUST EVACUATE the Data Center immediately. Do not attempt to gather your belongings. If you are on the Data Center Floor, find the closest emergency exit door and evacuate the building. If you are in an office area, find the closest stairwell and evacuate the building. You must evacuate to the FRONT of the building. Please advise a Manager if you plan to leave the Data Center so QTS may confirm you have evacuated the Data Center. In the event of a weather emergency, DO NOT leave the Data Center. Listen for instructions and directions to move to an interior location of the Data Center. 



Shipping and Receiving


Delivery of Equipment to the Data Center Floor: All equipment entering and leaving the Data Center must enter through the Receiving Department. A pass must be obtained from the Security front desk after checking in to leave equipment in or retrieve equipment from the warehouse. Hardware should be unboxed in the Receiving Area or Configuration Area to prevent unnecessary packaging material from entering the Data Center Floor. Personal effects such as a laptop may enter through the front entrance.

Secured Receiving: Shipments received may be stored in the Secured Receiving area for five (5) days after delivery at no cost. Customer will be charged $100 per day for items left in Secured Receiving past the initial five days.  For avoidance of doubt, QTS shall not permit or be responsible for storage of Customer’s equipment removed from the Data Center Floor.

Packaging Materials on the Data Center Floor: Cardboard and other flammable or dust-producing materials are not permitted on the Data Center Floor (including customer space). If you are bringing boxed equipment to install in the Data Center, you may use the Receiving Area or Configuration Area to unpack equipment. If cardboard or other flammable materials are left in the customer space on the Data Center Floor, a ticket will be opened for notification and assistance with removal. If the situation is not resolved in a reasonable time frame, the packaging materials will be removed by DCO and Remote Hands fees may apply.


Delivery and Disposal of Materials


  1. Customer and Contractor will not transport materials onto the Data Center Floor without providing Manager a copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet (“MSDS”) for each material, and shall maintain copies of the MSDS documents on the Data Center near the work areas where the materials are used and any storage areas where the materials are stored.
  2. All materials must be delivered using the loading dock, freight elevator, or service corridors. Customer and Contractor are required to use loading docks, freight elevator, or stairs only.
  3. Work space must be kept clean and left in clean condition daily to Manager’s satisfaction. No cardboard is permitted on the Data Center Floor at any time. If found by QTS, QTS shall invoice the Customer at the Remote Hands rate for time spent removing the same.
  4. No disposal of debris is permitted in building recycling compactor without prior approval by QTS. If debris is found in the building recycling compactor, the offending party will be billed for the trash haul. Contractor and Customer shall be responsible for compliance of all subcontractors under their direction. Materials, equipment, and debris must be contained within the work space in a neat and orderly fashion.


Data Center Operations


Prohibited Materials: Customers are prohibited from storing carboard, particulate matters, data processing equipment or supporting cables in the customer space.

Tools: You should be prepared to be self-sufficient. Tools (ladders, screwdrivers, cables, testing equipment) will not be provided by the DCO for your use.

Cage Nuts and Screws: If needed, extra cage nuts and screws for your cabinet-racked equipment are available at no additional cost.

Assistance: Installation of equipment is a billable service. If assistance is needed with equipment installation, a ticket must be opened with the OSC. DCO employees are available to answer any questions and provide limited assistance.

Cabinet Identification: No non-QTS identification may be placed on the exterior of your cabinet, cage, or suite.

Mobile Phones: Because of physical impediments, mobile phones may not function on the Data Center Floor. Telephones may be plugged into the Plain Old Telephone Service (“POTS”) line inside the customer space if available.

Cameras: Cameras and video surveillance equipment are not permitted at the Data Center without prior approval. Customers wishing to take photos should request a “Photography Application” from security. The application must be approved by QTS prior to any photos being taken. Security must escort the individual to and on the Data Center Floor to take pictures of the area listed on photography application.  If a Customer would like to deploy video surveillance equipment, the Customer should submit a request to their account executive.  Requirements will be gathered and a formal review by QTS will be conducted before approval is provided.  Additional costs to install visual obstruction materials may be required.

Two-way Radios: To prevent electrical interference with existing equipment, two-way radios are not allowed on the Data Center Floor.




Floor Tiles: Customer is prohibited from covering the ventilated tiles in the customer space.   At no time may Customer or Contractor remove the floor tiles on the Data Center Floor without a Manager’s express consent. Should you need access under the floor files, please contact the Manager. If you are found tampering with or working under the raised floor, or on any building operations system without authorization, you will be removed from the building immediately and held liable for any damages or operating costs associated with your actions. A QTS employee must approve and supervise any required Customer or Contractor work under the Data Center Floor, and Customer will be billed for this supervision time at the then current QTS Remote Hands rate.

Smoking and Tobacco Products: The Data Centers are nonsmoking facilities. Smoking and smokeless tobacco products (e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, etc.) are not permitted at the Data Center except in the designated smoking area. Please see security for the location.

Food and Drink: All food and beverages are prohibited on the Data Center Floor. Food and beverages may be served in designated areas of the office space or visitor areas.

Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited. You may not be under the influence or in possession of alcohol, illegal drugs, or other intoxicants while in the Data Center.

Weapons and firearms are strictly prohibited in the Data Center.

Suite Customers: A barrier of three feet must be kept clear around all mechanical and electrical equipment. Doorways should be free of clutter in case of emergency.

Batteries containing acid are not allowed in the Data Center Floor.

Personal Belongings: Customers and Contractors are solely responsible for their personal belongings and property while in the Data Center.

Additional Caveats: Neither Customer nor any Contractor hired by Customer may touch, inspect, document or engage in any form of tampering with equipment not specifically covered by Customer’s contract. The foregoing activity is strictly prohibited and if Customer or Contactor are seen engaging in such activity, they will be reported to security, and may be subject to expulsion from the Data Center and reporting to law enforcement officials. Reporting: All Customers, Contractors, and any other visitors agree to report any violation of these Data Center Rules or any other suspicious/improper activity to QTS or security personnel.

All persons on the Data Center Floor consent to be monitored by security and recording devices to ensure a safe and secure work environment.


Customer, Visitor or Contractor Misconduct




Consent and Release to Collect Biometric Information


Upon provisioning of a badge, and when accessing a QTS site, a consent and release will be obtained which allows QTS to engage in the collection of certain biometric information, which may include biometric identifiers and biometric information, defined to include personal information about an individual’s physical characteristics that can be used to identify that person (“Biometric Data”). Biometric Data can include fingerprints; voiceprints; facial shape; or scan of finger, hand, iris imagery or face geometry. QTS collects Biometric Data to provide secure access to QTS data centers or data center space.


Updated on: February 5, 2024


[1]QTS Affiliate” means any entity that is owned, directly or indirectly, by QualityTech, LP or any successor to QualityTech, LP.