Atlanta 2 Data Center Campus

Fayetteville, Georgia

QTS Atlanta 2 (Fayetteville) is a strategically located data center campus in the Southeastern United States that connects major East Coast cities to growing Southern markets.

What it means to have QTS in your community. 

Data centers are essential for businesses, governments, and organizations that rely on technology to operate and communicate. A well-managed and responsible data center can bring several benefits to the local community. 


QTS will help create jobs through new construction and provide access to high growth careers in the technology field. 

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QTS believes that how we deliver our services is just as important as what is delivered. This means caring for and improving the lives of current and future employees, customers, investors, and community members, and taking equal care of the environment and natural resources we share. 

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Success-Based Charitable Giving

QTS is dedicated to enhancing the future and prosperity for society, the environment and business through partnerships with select organizations such as World Vision, American Forests and U.S. Dream Academy. 

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