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Physical CrossConnect

Support all your connection needs within our facilities

QTS crossConnects allow easy connection to the Internet, to In-Building Carriers, or to business partners within a QTS data center.

QTS Data Centers
carrier neUtral access

Ensure important carrier-neutral access to an array of networks that support all of your applications and critical interconnection needs.

Carrier Flexibility

Includes minimum of two diverse Meet-Me-Rooms (MMRs)

Deployment Agility

Supports multiple circuit based services, speeds, cable and crossConnect types

Faster Deployment 

Reduces delivery times (five business days for Copper and seven business days for Fiber)

Easily Accessible

Available for iOS and Android

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crossConnect Online Ordering

Managing your cross connects online gives you the power to adjust your connectivity as needed. QTS provides convenient access to online ordering of crossConnects through our Service Delivery Platform (SDP).